Finding The Perfect Ring For Her

When you’re looking for the perfect gift, engagement ring, wedding ring, or whatever else kind of jewelry for your significant other, it can be a challenging process. There are so many different things that you can choose from that, at times, it can seem almost impossible. However, if you keep your mind, ears, and eyes open and do your research ahead of time you can get something she’ll love without breaking the bank.

One of the first things you should consider when you’re looking to buy your significant other their next piece of jewelry is to consider what they like and what this piece signifies to both of you. When you’re shopping for something for your significant other, the most important aspect is that you’re thinking of them and things they would like. Most couples that spend a lot of time with each other have talked in some ways about taste. If you have no clue about the taste of your partner, you might be able to go online and get an idea. Visit their social media sites, especially those where they repost and have collections, to find clues into what you think they may enjoy. This is an excellent way to get something that you know they’ll love, but be careful and make sure that they don’t already have it and that the most is relatively new, which means that it should have been made within the last two or three years. This is important because you don’t want to go back ten years and get them something they would have liked in middle schools. It’s not much of a problem, however, if your significant other is older or their tastes haven’t changed much. It’s all up to you and how much you know your partner, so making sure that you think about your choices before making the decision is the best idea.

If you’re having trouble finding specific pieces or inspirational pieces for your partner, you may want to turn to other sources to find them the perfect items. Think back to your conversations and try to think about something they have mentioned, if you can’t remember anything, think about their own personal taste and try your best judgement in finding something that goes with their style or is in the same style that they like. You can also get access to their friends and family, who are much more likely to have had conversations with them about items that they like. Don’t put the onus of finding the perfect piece of jewelry on them, but get an idea of what they enjoy so that you can make an informed decision.

If you want to make it the perfect gift, find something that speaks to you or is significant to your personal relationship, but is not overly gaudy or showy. This way, the meaning behind the jewelry will mean a lot more to them than just the actual item that you have. You can also ask opinions of store clerks, like those at Kay Jewelers who can help you pick out something they believe your partner will like, based on questions and answers about who they are and parts of their style.

Hello Kitty Led Lamp

The product below is 9th item that I got in There a lots of cartoon character designs to choose but I chose hello kitty. The LED lamp is 6” tall only. It’s cute and easy to carry. It has 180 degree rotation, it is smart constant current control circuit to eliminate flicker and ripple and it contains natural light. Actually this is a rechargeable lamp and the normal charging time of this item is 12 hours.

 photo hellokity_zps3decba68.jpg
The cost of this hello kitty LED lamp is 218 pesos only plus the shipping fee of 80 pesos. The LED lamp is very important to us especially during brown out.

How to Buy the Right Padded Pant

Gone are the days when women with a flat butt had no options to find an attractive figure. They were a subject of laugh to many and men categorized them a woman with no seductive figure. Today, things have changed drastically. Women are now clever and know very well that how to get an attractive figure. In other words, women with a flat butt don’t hesitate to undergo a butt enhancement surgery or purchase butt enhancer pants.

In case, a woman who finds hard to undergo a surgery to lift the buttocks due to fear or financial problem likes to choose a padded pant. These pants are designed to give the enhancement you are longing for. You can choose either an in-built padded pant or a pant with removable pads to get the desired lift. Today, many top brands manufacture different shapes, sizes and colours butt bras to meet with your needs. You can buy botty pads that have a unique foam pad include a silicone adhesive backing to use them many times. These pads are reusable and washable featuring a soft fabric layer that protects the foam and keeps your skin breathable. Good quality glue is used to hold the pads in place. They are somewhat like adhesive pads for breasts.

If you don’t like to choose adhesive pads, you can go with pants with in-built pads. These pants are generally made of nylon and Lycra. Good quality elastic is used to provide a perfect fitting to Women who have sensitive skin and find uncomfortable to wear adhesive pads can go for pants with in-built pads. It will be right to say that the fashion market offers many varieties in padded panties. It’s your choice to go with the style the suits to your body well.

Bum bras are popular among women who want a butt bra that provides minimum booty coverage and has light tummy control. In other words, they want a brief style panty that has holes in the back to push their natural buttocks up and gives round and voluptuous buttocks.
Looking at the varieties in padded pants, you may confuse to choose the one that suits you well. There is no wonder that these pants are expensive than normal pants. Many of you find hard to buy varieties to try them and know the style suits you well. In this situation, it’s good to move to online shopping. There are a number of online stores offering butt enhancer pants at an affordable price. These stores offer varieties at a competitive rate. If you are a member of a site, you can get more discounts.


This is the second time to get an item from the is one of my favorite free online shopping. The first item that I got in this is the green organizer. I was so happy because I got the items at no cost from this website. In everyday that I visit the site they give me 5 points plus the other bonuses points if I will find items inside in this website. Aside from that if I visit for 20 times in a month I also received an additional 100 points, anyway every points I received is equivalent for pesos.

Today I have another points earned, so I have plan again to buy another items. I am happy in everyday because I always visit this website and I will do it as my hobbies :-). I want to say thank you halohalomall. com.

 photo leggings_zps1de35d7d.jpg

Shop for Less with Coupons Codes

These days, people anywhere in the world are so busy with their career and family life that the simplest act of shopping can become a burden. And because of this, some of the world’s most popular brands have opened their online stores to cater to those who want to purchase something but are too busy to take the road. Soon more online shopping venues have also opened to meet the demands of online shoppers accessing from different parts of the world. One of the best things about shopping online is that they always seem to have the best prices compared with those displayed at local department stores and malls.

And just last year, the popularity of coupon codes also conquered online shopping fever gave even more chance for saving money from the purchases. Whatever you have in mind, you can get it for less and enjoy shopping even more. Online sites featuring these discount tickets such as Coupon Chief coupon codes have long lists of codes that can be keyed-in at checkout to get even more discounts. You can avail of free items, giveaways and free shipping on your orders. These wonderful rebates easily make online shopping even more exciting and who doesn’t love buying the stuff they want for less? So search for coupons first and check out your favorite online stores or brands to see if you can use your codes to save more on your purchases!


Busy to Online Shopping

Today I don’t know what to do and what to write. I remember to buy the online shopping store. I have points there and I want to buy the leggings and a simple blouse for myself. I really enjoy looking the online shopping store; you will find there what you want to see and to buy. I just order the leggings cost of 129 pesos only with 81 pesos for shipping, and a simple blouse for the cost of 195 pesos and 95 pesos additional for shipping. Over the entire total is 500 pesos but I’m having a 180 balance for my account hehe. I just earn all the points for almost 1 month. This is the second time to buy the online store. But before, I do not believe this kind of buying online. But when the first time to try it, I just believed this because my order was become success. For now, I can wait my order 6-7 days :-).


I’m so happy to receive my travelus passport holder and organizer from This is the first time to shopping and to buy online. If you are a member of this site you can earn more points in everyday you log in. I am a member of this site and I think it’s almost 3 weeks to earn points then I will buy this green travelus passport holder and organizer. After 7 days I will receive the product through Lbc. The price of this product is 190 pesos and they have the additional 80 pesos for shipping. I though that I am a lucky person because last week my sister gave me the sophie martin bag as her Christmas presents and this week I already have a green travelus passport holder and organizer from They have a six credit card or atm card slots, pen loop, zippered coin compartment, and lots of extra pockets inside. Thank you Lord for the blessing.


Starting To Buy Christmas Gift

Because the Christmas is coming I need to prepare Christmas gift to my entire Godchild, niece, nephew, friends, brother and sisters relatives and my parents. My neighbor is dealer of Natasha, Boardwalk and Avon she asked me to order some of her products. I know that the brand I mentioned is much known to all of us. I thought that it’s almost 1 in half months is Christmas day.

I also starting to buy Christmas gift, like clothes, toys, accessories and cosmetics. I have a beads accessories and I think that it is a nice gift for my relatives and friends. To my entire Godchild I was ordered to my neighbor such as simple clothes and toys. Everyone is excited on Christmas day and I know that children become more excited because of the gift that will be receiving.

Anyway, I want to give the gifts to all but I am not a Santa Clause that who want to request must be issued the gift. I also give the Christmas gift that fit to my budget.


Yesterday my hubby and I went to SM Lucena City to find a Halloween costume for Vince. I want to join him again on trick or treat this coming Halloween in SM Lucena. So, we started to find a nice costume for him. We just started at Toy Kingdom to find costumes. They have many different costumes for Halloween, but we cannot buy it because all of the costumes are scary we will try to find the other store or will wait maybe nextweek to find again the new costume maybe they sell cute costume like animals. Last year the costume of Vince is pumpkin when he joined the trick or treat in SM. He looks very cute to his costume, I want to wear it again for him, but I just worried because it’s petite to him.

Anyway, they have a scary Halloween display in Toy Kingdom. My hubby tried to wear the scary mascara, and then Vince never comes to my hubby he feels scared. I took a photo as a simple souvenir. Here is the photo’s taken at Toy Kingdom.

Vince is looking scared to my hubby while he is wearing the scary mascara.
Vince with pumpkin costume and his fan hahaha!!! (last year)