This is the second time to get an item from the is one of my favorite free online shopping. The first item that I got in this is the green organizer. I was so happy because I got the items at no cost from this website. In everyday that I visit the site they give me 5 points plus the other bonuses points if I will find items inside in this website. Aside from that if I visit for 20 times in a month I also received an additional 100 points, anyway every points I received is equivalent for pesos.

Today I have another points earned, so I have plan again to buy another items. I am happy in everyday because I always visit this website and I will do it as my hobbies :-). I want to say thank you halohalomall. com.

 photo leggings_zps1de35d7d.jpg

Busy to Online Shopping

Today I don’t know what to do and what to write. I remember to buy the online shopping store. I have points there and I want to buy the leggings and a simple blouse for myself. I really enjoy looking the online shopping store; you will find there what you want to see and to buy. I just order the leggings cost of 129 pesos only with 81 pesos for shipping, and a simple blouse for the cost of 195 pesos and 95 pesos additional for shipping. Over the entire total is 500 pesos but I’m having a 180 balance for my account hehe. I just earn all the points for almost 1 month. This is the second time to buy the online store. But before, I do not believe this kind of buying online. But when the first time to try it, I just believed this because my order was become success. For now, I can wait my order 6-7 days :-).