Because I feel bored, I already spend time to my neighbor’s house (Tita Rosie). She has a grandmother of her 4 years old grandchild. We are talked to each other, laughter and etc. By the way the tumbler photo is coming from her, she give to my nephew Vince; according to her the tumbler is free from lactum milk ages 3-6 years old. Vince was very happy because he asked me that time, “mama I want tumbler” when he saw the tumbler in the table, then Tita Rosie give her. My loving nephew called me mama and to my hubby called papa, yes, just because Vince is in our care and taken at the age of 1-year-old then he already 2 years old now. Anyway, one time I bought Vince lactum milk I was looked with tumbler or any free materials or devices, but at her age 2 there is no free. The tumbler is favorite drinking glass of Vince, I want to say thank you for the kindness of my neighbor.

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