The Luminous Church is a glorious attraction that one could see from all around the town of Agdangan, Quezon. It has 150 feet tall. Last week the all member of MSK or Munting Sambayanang Kristyano here in our Subdivision, will go there to visit and to look the beautiful view of the Luminous Church. We start our way of the cross; we are amazed with what we saw inside the Church. Our co-MSK member was touched by the images and statue on each station. And besides the wall and the ceiling are all images happened came from the bible.

There are 14 Stations of the Cross; the first station was started at the 1st floor of the Church. All scenarios on each station make the real thing. We are all heavy feelings in our heart going to every next station. Because the statue of Jesus Christ are look realistic. All of our co-MSK member are very silent and feel the prayer on each station. I really touch and emotional the 13th station when the body of Jesus Christ is taken down from the Cross.

In the 14th station this is the last station I feel that my heart pounds hard when I see Jesus Christ statue. He is looking down at me smiling with arms wide open, it means your Welcome! And I feel that I am in heaven. Sorry, I cannot post the photos because it is not allowed to take pictures inside the Sanctuary. The Church are open to all the people, if you are interested to look the blessed church here is the ways to go there:

The View from the top

The image below is one of the shots that I took while I am on the top of Luminous Church in Agdangan, Quezon. The church has 150feet tall. When I looked down I saw my red car overwhelmed by the trees, and then I just took a picture. I like the beauty of the view from the top. Even the weather is shady, still the green color of trees are lovely.

Ruby Tuesday 2


Our family has eaten dinner in Isdaan at Calauan, Laguna last Sunday July 15, 2012. This was our first time to visit there. Isdaan is a floating restaurant that has enormous statues all over the place. It was really beautiful and indeed a unique way of attracting customers and have a one of a kind dining experience. The ambiance was really inviting specially during night-time. The place is so big and awesome. It feels like you’re in other place outside thePhilippines. For me this place is such a great place. There are lots of buddha at the place. Anyway about the food was okay, but they were a bit slow at serving out the foods. While waiting for our food to be served, we strolled around the place to take more pictures and seem for more interesting displays to see.

Here are some stunning statues photos.


Along the walkway at the side of the main kitchen I saw these outside. This is the way they cook our ordered rice, super cute, (ang liliit ng kaldero 🙂 ).


Another attraction is the boat ride and tour around the place for free. As a courtesy of management you give a tip to the boat man for at least Php 20. At the children’s corner, they offer free face painting, free used of bicycle. There’s a lot of famous cartoon and comic’s statues were located at their children’s corner like angry birds, Mickey Mouse, and superman. This is the facade from the waiting area where you could have picture-taking with the life-size statue of the late former President Cory Aquino or former President Erap Estrada, President Obama and his wife.

If you want to release you anger, then they have a Tacsiyapo Wall. For a minimal fee, depending on what you want to throw and break on the wall like the mug it cost for Php 25 each, it’s your chance to shout and be heard!


For entertainment, they have man/women serenade you with one song while eating and you need to give Php 20 tip like the boat man.

We had so much fun and really enjoy the experience 🙂 .


The photo below is in SM Mall, Wonder Park “the family entertainment center”. This area is favorites of Vince especially when he saw the red car. He almost want to stay, sometimes we consumptive got a 50 pesos equivalent to ten tokens. Every rider here is one token or equivalent for 5 pesos only. I am glad because I see that he really enjoy what he was doing. This red toy car is very attractive and looks seems to be flirting with children.

Ruby Tuesday 2


Silangang Nayon is one of the best and most desirable restaurant located in Province of Pagbilao, Quezon. My SIL was celebrating her birthday last February. If you enter here you can see the different kind of statue animals and the stunning view of restaurant houses on stilts with a long food bridge. The order will be delivered using an airplane suspended on a cable, sort of zipline delivery it’s very different. And you can admire the place, the stunning view of Pagbilao Bay, Pagbilao Power Plant, Pagbilao Grande Island, and Patayan Island with visible white sand beaches from a far. Anyhow, one of the best food served in this celebration are steam capiz in oyster sauce, sinigang na hipon, spyribs, fried chicken, fresh buco juice and java rice.

Silangang Nayon has hotel rooms available for overnight accommodations, we did not stay here because our home is near this place. I t’s almost 5 kilometers only from our home. Anyway, it’s just easy to go there Comute to Pagbilao, Quezon: Board Buses to Lucena City either via Lucena Lines, Jam Transit or Jac Liner, it’s better to board one with Dalahican signboard for by its passes by SM City Lucena. In Lucena you transfer to jeepneys going to Pagbilao. Then you just stop in Greenview Hotel and beside of this hotel they have many passengers tricycle going to Silangang Nayon.

 photo silangangnayon_zps0617fba0.jpg

 photo silangangnayong2_zps6cbd4010.jpg


Stunning view of Mt. Banahaw

Last May 2012, my hubby and I went to Liliw Laguna. Incidentally, the weather is good and I saw the stunning view of Mt. Banahaw and the green environment. So I told my hubby to stop the car and I took the picture of the mountain. They have many eye-catching scenes but were attracted the pleasant view and green environment of Mt. Banahaw. This view is located along the Majayjay high-way going to Liliw, Laguna.


This summer, many people are busy to find the beautiful places in everywhere for summer vacation. They have many tourist spot somewhere in the Philippines. One of the most attractive place or resort in Quezon, Province is Mainit Hot Spring Resort it is undeniable because it is natural warm water, came from called bukal. Mainit Hotspring in Tayabas, Quezon it’s a wonderful place to relax and enjoy for summer vacation, some of the pools there, have a roofs and all the water pools have a natural warm water’s came from bukal. This resort located at Brgy. Silangang Palale, Tayabas, Quezon, along the road going to Mauban, Quezon.

Our family members decided and choose this resort and enjoy feeling the warm water. Anyway about the entrance fee, it’s cost Php 90.00 or $2, for adult, children, and babies. Yes baby have an entrance fee:-). The opening time starts at 7am in the morning until 4pm only, no overnight, no hotel, unlike the other resort. The natural’s warm water came from bukal is the best for ac ne, or any skin disease.

I really amazed the steam bath house, the falling water is warm came from the bukal. Before you entering, you need to drink 2 glass of water to prevent the dehydration of your body, you’re not hungry, and you stay not more than 30 minutes. After that, you feel was really good and were lost the cold of the body. This is the one good attraction of this resort.



Liliw Laguna is known as the famous for being the footwear or tsinelas capital of Laguna. Liliw, Laguna is very familiar to everyone. Yesterday we go to Liliw Laguna; this is the second time to visit this place. Liliw Laguna is almost 1 ½ hours distance Lucena City to Liliw Laguna, they have three towns proper go through this place, and these are Tayabas, Quezon, Lucban, Quezon, Majayjay Laguna and Liliw Laguna. It’s almost 1 ½ hours to go to the Liliw Laguna because we pass by the short cut road, or know as zigzag road. My hubby very slow and be careful to drive this road. Yearly they celebrate the tsinelas festival. This is the first time to see the huge sandals display, and you can see the different sandals design this place. Here are some photos I take.

Anyway, very month I will go there to buy the footwear. Because this is my sideline income I will offer or give some design to order to my friends, neighbors etc. To all my friends here if you want to experience or interested the good quality of this footwear I will give to you my fb link to choose what you want to order. Just send your pm on my fb account for the amount and other transaction what would you like to ask or order. 🙂 thanks…


My hubbies check the materials used the huge sandals display. And according to him this big sandals is made the original materials.
The people are helping to put the huge sandals in front of the Municipality of Liliw, Laguna.
The beautiful view of sandals with official seal.
These are the different huge sandals design in front of the store.



Swimming time again!!! My hubby, Vince and I wake up early in the morning to go to the Aroma Beach Resort located at Brgy. Talao-Talao, Dalahican, Lucena City. We wake up at 5am early in the morning then were there at 5.20 am, it also 20 minutes distance from our home in Pagbilao, Quezon. Swimming time early in the morning in the sea is good for Vince because he have the cough and cold.

Anyway this resort is not white sand, its ordinary resort, with ordinary cottage it makes the bamboo tree and the coconut leaves. There’s no entrance fee, but you can pay the cottage cost P75.00 or 1 ½ dollar and P 10.00 or ¼ dollar for the parking of your vehicle. If you want to go to the white sand they have a boat for rent it cost P250.00 or 6.2 dollars its almost 20 minutes from the cottage. This white sand is a small place and many people will go there to see the beautiful white sand. It is the small white sand for the people who cannot afford the real white sand beach like boracay :-). About the facilities they have an ordinary comport room one for boys and one for girls. And if you want to rent the flotation device or timbulan is also available it cost P 25.00 or almost ½ dollar for the whole day. I forgot to bring my camera; I post this photo last year because there’s no changes the place :-).

La Virginia Hotel and Resort in Lipa City, Batangas

Last April 6 and 7, when my family went to La Virginia Hotel and Resort in Lipa City, Batangas to spend the Holly week. This place has many attractions, and it was a very relaxing sight comparative to the ambiance in Tagaytay overlooking Taal Volcano. And you can see the wonderful view of Taal Volcano as I said, the lake and green highlands surrounding it (very fantastic and like paradise). The La Virginia Hotel and Resort is set in 8.5 hectares for now according to staff of this resort. It’s located at Brgy. Manggahan, Mataas na kahoy, Lipa Batangas. The more attraction in this resort is like a fantasy theme park with its colorful concrete statues and structures. And it’s a perfect place for the family gathering, friends, barkada & many more.

The entrance is Php 300.00 for adults and Php 200.00 for children the age is below 12 years old and 4 years old below is free. They have different cottages; you are free to choose what you like. Like the nipa hut cottages, simple cottages with a different design like atis fruits, pumpkin vegetable, flowers design and many more. Anyway, we arrived around 2pm from Lucena, and were here at la Virginia Hotel and Resort at 5pm. They have 5 cities proper go through this resort, these are Sariaya Quezon, Candelaria Quezon, Tiaong Quezon, San Antonio, Quezon, Padre Garcia Batangas and Lipa Batangas. La Virginia Hotel and Resort in Lipa City, Batangas is the number one beautiful resort in Batangas. Our family rented the Bamboo House with two air-conditioned rooms and a dining area. The house looked cute and made of native materials such as sawali, wood, rattan, and bamboo tree. The place has very comfortable and safe to everyone. About the guests, they are allowed to bring own foods and cooked inside the resort. But if you need some food and forgot to bring they have a store inside the resort you are free to buy some foods like mais (corn), inihaw na tilapia, and many more.

This is the first time to visit in La Virginia Hotel and Resort in Lipa City, Batangas. I’m glad to come there together with my family. Thanks for my husband side to have an opportunity to go the different beautiful places here in the Philippines.

These are some view photos of La Virginia Resort:

Green Monday, Ruby Tuesday2, Watery Wednesday