Our family has eaten dinner in Isdaan at Calauan, Laguna last Sunday July 15, 2012. This was our first time to visit there. Isdaan is a floating restaurant that has enormous statues all over the place. It was really beautiful and indeed a unique way of attracting customers and have a one of a kind dining experience. The ambiance was really inviting specially during night-time. The place is so big and awesome. It feels like you’re in other place outside thePhilippines. For me this place is such a great place. There are lots of buddha at the place. Anyway about the food was okay, but they were a bit slow at serving out the foods. While waiting for our food to be served, we strolled around the place to take more pictures and seem for more interesting displays to see.

Here are some stunning statues photos.


Along the walkway at the side of the main kitchen I saw these outside. This is the way they cook our ordered rice, super cute, (ang liliit ng kaldero 🙂 ).


Another attraction is the boat ride and tour around the place for free. As a courtesy of management you give a tip to the boat man for at least Php 20. At the children’s corner, they offer free face painting, free used of bicycle. There’s a lot of famous cartoon and comic’s statues were located at their children’s corner like angry birds, Mickey Mouse, and superman. This is the facade from the waiting area where you could have picture-taking with the life-size statue of the late former President Cory Aquino or former President Erap Estrada, President Obama and his wife.

If you want to release you anger, then they have a Tacsiyapo Wall. For a minimal fee, depending on what you want to throw and break on the wall like the mug it cost for Php 25 each, it’s your chance to shout and be heard!


For entertainment, they have man/women serenade you with one song while eating and you need to give Php 20 tip like the boat man.

We had so much fun and really enjoy the experience 🙂 .

8 thoughts on “ISDAAN @ CALAUAN, LAGUNA”

  1. I’ve been to Isdaan in Tarlac and I love the food and the structures there plus the stress wall. It’s good they also have one in Laguna.

  2. wow.. if this is just near to my place i already hurried and order those fish on the menu. and of course the tacsyiapo would really relieve me from my stress while shouting how i hate to be short ! hehehe

  3. I’ve been to a similar restaurant in the northern part of luzon (thanks to Franc Ramon for mentioning it’s in Tarlac). we were just stopping by to eat from our road trip so it was more of an eat and run type but I remember the wall where we can throw plates (not mugs).

  4. There is floating restaurant here in Manila too. It is called Jumbo. The prices aren’t as cheap as Isdaan though. It is a Chinese restaurant that serves really yummy seafood dishes 🙂

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