Watching Teleserye on a Whole Day

I know many people who enjoy watching local teleseryes and Koreanovelas. I am being the one of them :-). Because yesterday, I just don’t know what to write and what to do I have watching teleserye on a whole day. I guess I need to go out and look for interesting things or scenes that are good to share here and to be able to relax. So, I just settled at home and enjoy my day for watching teleserye on a whole day. Because sometimes I just go out and went to my neighbors friend to talk about the different topic like useless talk, for making us fun :-). Although at home, I realized that there are lots of things for making to share and what to do like listening the different kind of music, like talking to my friends in facebook but when they logged out, I do not have someone to talk to.

Anyway about the teleserye, I just started to watched on ABS CBN channel 2 at 8.00am on Kris TV, this is not a teleserye it is a kind of talk show, Two Wives with Han Ji Sook, Yon Yang Hee and Kang Chul Soo (Koreanovelas) and Please Be Careful with my heart with Jodi Santa Maria and Richard Yap (i like it :-)), at 12 noon I am watching Eat Bulaga noontime show on GMA 7. Then I just continue for watching teleserye on GMA 7, Hindi Kana Mag-iisa with Jennelyn Mercado and Sid Lucero Kasalanan Bang Ibigan Ka with Jackie Rice, Geoff Eigenmann, and Michael de Mesa and last is Faithfully with Maxene Magalona, Michelle Madrigal, Isabel Oli, Vanessa del Moral and Isabelle Daza. This is my whole day!


12 thoughts on “Watching Teleserye on a Whole Day”

  1. my wife and i also tried this in one of her favorite korean novela. my eyes almost popped out reading translations… hahaha. Yahweh bless.

  2. Oh god, that could give you headache…hehe, Though I understand you, I sometimes do a marathon o Japanese dramas and animes. Hope you get to enjoy yourself outside too!

  3. Welll i started my day by making some french toasts… then browsed the net and did some proposal emailing… then ate… then ate some more and watched movies too! Btw, can I just say how I loved Dr Seuss The Lorax? If you got a spare time, you have got to watch it.. its really something we can relate to… specially now with the flood and all

  4. You remind me so much of my mom. She could spend the entire day watching telenovelas. As if that wasn’t enough, she’d watch some reruns too on her computer.

  5. I have lost track of the teleseryes in the Philippines when I mived here in Thailand. The last one I’ve kept tract was MAGKARIBAL of Bea and Gretchen. Now, I never watched any although Coco Martin has been the talk of the town here in our small Filipino community in Thailand.

  6. I’m more on the news lately, though I enjoyed watching Korean period telenovelas, love their costumes and the stories are so straight forward, hindi paikot ikot na parang walang katapusan.. lol pero I watched ung kina richard gutierrez parang movie kasi ung concept ng story.

  7. Watching teleseryes is definitely one of Filipinos’ traits, especially when we can’t go out. I also love lease Be Careful with my heart. πŸ˜‰

  8. i’ve been watching a lot of tv since i got confined in my bed.. thing is, there are so much going on television. yep, Jodi’s new sow is a breath of fresh air but ABSCBN’s primetime still leads in term of quality than that of GMA’s

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