The perfect place for summer vacation

Because in two weeks summer is here already, people are busy to find what the beautiful beaches and place to go. Every summer time our family out-of-town to spent for a short vacation, but in the nearby areas only. Last year was there at La Virginia Resort in Lipa Batangas, and now we do not sure place certain to go. Because here in the Philippines they have many attractive places that we can go like, Boracay, Puerto Galera, Bicol Albay, Cam Sur, Palawan and many more.

But anyway, in other country they have a Holden Beach NC real estate, Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii – The Big Island and many more. And these are perfect place for summer vacation but not totally for summer vacation also because the place are very attractive and the hotel is very close to the beach. I think if it is nearby in our hometown I will make sure to visit this place.



Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is a famous floating restaurant in the province of Tayabas, Quezon along the highway of Lucban, Quezon. This is a good eating place and bonding place, aside from that the place has a good atmosphere and very comfortable. Kamayan sa Palaisdaan have 3 branches in Tayabas, Quezon and I know that they have other branches in some places.

Anyway, we had eaten lunch there together with my hubby, sister, brothers, niece and nephew. The place is near in our hometown, that’s why we are planning to eat lunch there. We’re there at 12.30 in the afternoon, but the place is crowded and we had no place available for us and for all the guests or customers coming. Anyway, we are tried to wait almost 20 minutes, and then the waiter told us that they have one nipa hut available. According to the waiter our order will wait for almost one hour just because they have many guests or customer at that time. So, while waiting the order my hubby called the pilipit food vendor inside the restaurant. So, i shot a photo of the food. Pilipit is the name of the food it cost 7 pesos each, the pilipit is made of sticky rice or malagkit with mixed of kalabasa or squash/pumpkin vegetable. And then while waiting the food order we had eaten the pilipit. After one hour the order is done, and here is the food we ordered.

 photo pilipit_zps2c1ca15f.jpg


 photo insaladangmanga_zps74c7d6cf.jpg


 photo steamnaokra_zpsee5c51a8.jpg


 photo steamnatalong_zps550fb409.jpg


 photo crispypata_zpsc696a243.jpg


 photo ginataangsuso_zps5539b7f4.jpg


 photo sinugnonatilapia_zps8c70fec4.jpg


 photo inihawnatilapia_zpsfd3f88e7.jpg


 photo spiribs_zpsef5e1b43.jpg


 photo pancitcanton_zps18befc7b.jpg


 photo inkamayansapalaisdaan_zps339c115e.jpg

Anyway, all the food is cost of P 1800.00; the foods are delectable and very reasonably priced. And while we had eaten we are feel the good atmosphere and very comfortable place. By the way, after the lunch in Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, we went to the Kamay ni Hesus to attend the mass. And off course we don’t forget the picture taking :-)…

In Kamay ni Hesus!

 photo kamaynihesus2_zpsa1ea3de8.jpg

 photo kamaynihesus_zps57ec34d9.jpg


A few minutes ago my friend was called me and she was inviting to go to Puerto Prinsesa Palawan this coming summer. Puerto Prinsesa is the one place that I want to visit in my life hehe. It is a popular tourist spot city with many beach resorts and seafood restaurants. It has been acclaimed several times as the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. Because it’s almost 3 months is summer, my hubby and I have a time to prepare. I like to visit this place because I want to see the beauty and the world-famous underground river. And the most famous landmark of Puerto Princesa, this subterranean river is the longest navigable underground river in the world. Aside from that, the attractions of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, it features a limestone karst mountain landscape and many stalactites and stalagmites formations. Hopefully we can visit this place this coming summer.

 photo puertoprinsesa_zps232de1ae.jpg
the photo is not mine

MJD Urban Escape Farm

MJD urban escape farm is a newly dining place located in Brgy. Bocohan, Lucena City. Last month our families go there to celebrate the niece birthday. The place is so romantic and have a cool ambiance. Aside from that the place are perfect for the family bonding, barkada’s, birthday party, seminar and any occasions. Inside the farm you can see the kids’ playground, the volleyball court with white sand, boutique, garden of herbs, garden cafe, mini chapel, stunning view of fine tree, and beautiful view surrounded plants in this area.

Anyhow, the place is 7 hectares and not yet finished but the customers are free to explore the place, and enjoy their Filipino Food. Off course we did not forget the picture-taking. Here are some photos taken.

 photo dining_zps895e31c1.jpg
 photo stunningview_zps99235073.jpg

 photo kidsplayground_zps35df76b6.jpg



Last Month my niece came from Canada. We also know that Canada is a cold weather and snow Country. When she came here in the Philippines, some of our family members just pick up her in airport. My niece wore the thick boots and fur coat to protect herself from cold. We are really happy to see her again for almost 2 years. But she has only 1 month vacation here in the Philippines. So we go to the beautiful places while here she in the Philippines and then she visit her friends and relatives. I know her short vacation is worth it even she has only one month here in the Philippines.


Plan for summer

The summer time here in the Philippines is past approaching. My cousin has planned to go to Baguio City for a short vacation. She contacts me to help her on how to organize. Our plan is this coming month of May 2013. Actually this is the 4th time to go in Baguio City, but all of my cousins and my family have not been there for all their life so they want to experience. I just asked her about the transient house, the food and the transportation. Anyway, my cousin likes to choose the place of Baguio City for this coming summer because of the cold climate there and this is the summer capital of the Philippines. Baguio is one of the stunning tourist spot here in the Philippines. Hopefully the planned is become resumption, and have a few months to prepare. And I also prepared for my family.



The Pueblo por la Playa is a beach resort located at Brgy. Bantique, Pagbilao, Quezon. It has Only 9 kilometers from Lucena City. The beach resort has a 12-hectare Mexican inspired residential and country club. It has a cool ambiance and very quiet place. The resort is perfect for the family vacation, company outings, for barkadas, lovers, any occasions, and team building venue. The resort have two swimming pool, one is the infinity pool. Actually this is a private resort, but if you have a friend or relatives whose member in this resort you will free to go inside, to take pictorials, eating and swimming.

Anyway my niece from Canada wants to visit this place; she invited us to go there. One of my SIL has a friend member in this beach resort, then she also contacts her friend and then she accompanied us to go inside the beach resort. So we are free to take a pictorial. Here are some photos taken.

 photo thestunningviewofbeachresort_zpsdf6221e0.jpg
The stunning view of beach resort.
 photo thecuteview_zpse36d60a4.jpg
The cute house looks like igloo, and looks like half egg :-).
 photo thestunningviewinsidethebeachresort_zpsb3b08115.jpg
The beautiful view inside the beach resort.
 photo thefamilybonding_zpsa108c00a.jpg
The family bonding.


The photo below is the plantation bay resort in Cebu, Philippines. I was browsing my fb photo album then I find this photo. Plantation bay is the one beautiful attraction in Cebu. Last 2011 our family spends summer vacation in Cebu and the plantation bay resort is one of the most attractive places. Whether you’re looking for romance, relaxation, or family fun, plantation bay is the best. The area is very large based on my research plantation bay is 11.4 hectares. I really love the manmade swimming pool, the design and the good environment. Here are some photos taken.



The photo below is the one beautiful attraction of La Virginia Resort in Brgy. Mataas na Kahoy, Lipa Batangas. This is a tree house; you can see the beauty of the whole resort in the top of the tree house, and the stunning view of Taal Volcano. My hubby took a picture as a souvenir. Everywhere you turned in this resort you will see many beautiful attractions. This is the one beautiful attraction he captured. Anyway the photo below is last year during our family celebrated the holly week in La Virginia Resort for 2 days and 1 night. I was tried to open again my photo album in my fb account, and I also find this photo.

This is the stunning view of tree house.
This is me in the photo; inside the tree house.
This is the top of the tree house and the stunning view of Taal Volcano.


The photo below is when my friend and I went to Manila Ocean Park last year. We attract the Fish spa which is the number one attraction of this place. We try to a unique and truly exciting spa experience; we pay Fish spa service for the cost of P120 per person, additional to manila ocean park entrance fee.

Fist step, be sure that your feet will be washed to make it sure that they are clean before you dip them into the clean water. Then after a few second, the hundreds of fish called Doctor Fish or Nibble Fish surrounded our feet and start nibbling. It’s just very tickling at first, causing we laugh and twitch (haha ang gilawgaw parang kinikiliti :-)). We really enjoy the treatment of this fish. We love to watch the fish every time we go to our feet.

After a few minutes we feel our feet was very clean, it’s because the fish gently away our dead skin on our feet and leaving the healthy skin to grow. Anyway, the experiences were very fun and relax.