Every Saturday at 3:00 o clock in the afternoon we are doing activity with my neighbors. This is a photo of divine mercy goes to every home. And by this Saturday we switched our next-door neighbors. This is a good work, we pray rosary, novena, and sharing with each other, it also experienced when I was a child because I’m always with my grandmother.

Then one time we’ve discussed each other about the trip or visit in Luminous Church located at Agdangan, Quezon. One of the colleagues Brother Hector he is the lector or assistant of the priest, inviting us that we go to Luminous Church . According to him this is the one beautiful church in the Philippines, and it is different compare to the other church. Then I look at the internet and I saw the beautiful and unique texture of church. This church is luminous of Grace, St. Isidore Parish. I captured an image from Google, to attach my blog here, thank you Google. This is the pride of Agdangan, Quezon, hopefully we visit there, and see the beauty of LUMINOUS CHURCH IN AGDANGAN, QUEZON.

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This is the first time I cook spaghetti. I visited my parents last week, my sister and I decided to cook the spaghetti, but I don’t know how to cook, then she helps me. I learned that it’s easy turned out to cooking it. I put lots of cheese , because I also favorite cheese.

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Happy 2nd birthday Vince!

Yesterday June 18, 2012, we celebrate Vince 2nd Birthday. We just had a simple celebration; we attended the mass at 9:00 am on St. Michael Archangel Church, Tayabas, Quezon it’s almost 25 minutes far from our town Pagbilao, Quezon. We decide to celebrate Vince Birthday in Tayabas, Quezon because my family lives there (my parents, brother & sister and my cousins). Before we go to Tayabas, Quezon my hubby buy a goldilocks cakes for Vince because every time Vince watching the Youtube (video birthday celebration) he just likes to blow a candle and he sang the happy birthday song. Anyway after bought a cake, we just go to the party needs store and I bought the 20 pcs. balloon, to complete his birthday. Because balloon is entertaining for the kids and at the same time beautifies the place. While my sister and my mother preparing the food for Vince.

Here is the photo of Vince to blow her birthday candle, anyway he just do it 3 times because every times he blow, he asked “one more”, then I put again the light on the candle 3 times :-). I feel Vince really enjoy for his simple 2nd birthday celebration. Love you baby Vince, and thank you for bringing so much joy for me and my hubby.


Vince standing in front of the plants.

Every morning when Vince awake I greet “good morning my baby Vince” with a hug and kiss. But I felt he hot and seem to have fever. My hubby and I brought Vince to the doctor so he was checked yet. After the check up we eat at the restaurant near the hospital, name Kusina ni Ate Norma located onTrinity Street. cor. Hermana Fausta St. Lucena City. I have seen a beautiful decorations plant with red ribbon. The nice view there seems to be attracting with many customers. Vince stands in front of this plant, even he feels bad but he was glad because he agreed to have pictures taken. The restaurant is comfortable to eat, although there is grandeur but worth it… I took a photo of Vince & plants with red ribbon for a simple souvenir.

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Ruby Tuesday 2


Last June 14, another typhoon attacked our country. It was named as typhoon Butchoy, this is the second typhoon entered in the Philippines this year. There are many places affected by the said typhoon. According to PAGASA, it spotted “Butchoy” 500 kilometers east-southeast of Guiuan, Eastern Samar. It has maximum sustained winds of 110 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 140 kph. Also a landslide and flash flood prone area, as it is nearest to the slow-moving storm. The other affected area, are Casiguran, Aurora, Basco, Batanes. The areas that will mostly be affected are the Ilocos provinces, Aurora, Cagayan, parts of Quezon and the Cordilleras. The residents in sea communities in Catanduanes and Mindoro have begun taking their boats further inland in preparation for the strong waves or possible storm surges caused by Butchoy.

Anyway, one of the most tragic things happened was in the place of El Nido, Palawan when the ship MV Josiel II sank in the middle of the storm. The tourists in Palawan are affected because of this accident; some of their scheduled are postponed. Aside from the tourists, the sea is affected if the many passengers people and carabao animals putrid because many of them are missing. Based on the Task Force, the all dead animals give the air pollution that cause of rain acid, and more of the plant, building will become destroy. I am thankful because my town is not affected by typhoon Butchoy.


My favorite dessert is chocolate. I love chocolates because it makes me become relaxed, happy and my stress level becomes lower. Chocolates also raise antioxidant levels in the blood  which in turn help fight any foreign bodies that can cause illnesses. Anyway the photo below are the chocolates  given by my sister-in-law who is residing in  Paris, France.  She sent package to my mother-in-law and thankful because we received  clothes, shoes, and my favorite chocolate.

By the way, I am very thankful to my  sister-in-law for the package.

Waiting for Pacquiao vs. Bradley’s fight

Today is the day when People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley happens live via Sopcast Channels.  People are busy waiting their fight, the battle is start in a few hours. Many people acquire pay-per-view to watch the fight of the two boxers and more of their fans are bought the ticket for SM cinema pay per view.  The surrounding area is very quiet, there’s no people around, no passenger’s jeep, no passenger’s tricycle, because they also waiting for the fight of the two boxers. Everyone is excited to this battle.

Manny Pacquiao is a very popular as world champion and the reigning WBO welterweight titles, while Timothy Bradley is the undefeated junior welterweight champion.  The world is waiting for Pacquiao vs. Bradley’s fight. Good luck to both of them!


My current computer is almost 5 years old. It is a type of CRT monitor, it looks very blurred and I did not use it clearly. Then I decided to buy a new LCD monitor. My friend told me, why did you buy a new laptop? because the advantages are when you like to take them at work, mall, or during your travel and this laptop is the most suitable to keep your computer safe and secured. Well, I told her that I need to earn money to buy :-), because it expensive. But for now I need to buy a new LCD monitor for my daily works and lifestyle. I just look in computer store what is the good and cheap amount of LCD monitor :-). Then I decide the Hanns-g monitor, 14” and it cost Php 3,780.00 or $92 it‘s affordable price.

And have been very happy with my purchase the bezels and design can look a bit dull sometimes, but the quality is good. The colors are rather good, and the monitor itself looks fantastic, definitely look good. I am very comfortable to use it.