Cotton Candy Flower

The photo below is a beautiful and cute flower that I saw in Municipality of Lucena City. Just because tomorrow is the start of Niyog niyogan festival hubby and I went there to see the beautiful booth display of a different towns here in Quezon, Province. And I really attracted to the cute and beautiful flowers, and according to the saleslady the plants is called cotton candy flower. The leaf of cotton candy flower is looks like a pineapple.

Anyway there are lots of booth display but not yet finished. And tomorrow I won’t miss the opportunity to see the all beautiful booth display of every towns in Quezon, Province.

 photo cotoncandy_zpsf7f442a4.jpg

Beautiful Flower

 photo plants_zpsb560af67.jpg

I found this beautiful flower in Kamay ni Hesus, Lucban, Quezon.Actually I don’t know the name of this flower I took a photo because I also attracted the design and color.

How about you guys do you know the name of this flower?


Alugbati Plants

Actually I am not familiar and I don’t know what is the alugbati. And I never had been taste it since I was a child. A neighbor house has alugbati plants, they’re fence is full of alugbati. One day I saw my neighbor he just harvest the alugbati and she tried to ask me to cook but I told her that I am not familiar and I don’t know how to cook. And then neighbor teaches me to cook ginisang alugbati with mongo beans, and now I know that it is easy to cook then I also get the alugbati. From now on alugbati is my favorite because it is easy to cook and based on my research it is a kind of medicinal plant.

Well, the plant is rich in saponin, iron and Vitamins A (510 IU per cup of alugbati), B and C and is a rich source of soluble fiber, which helps digestion. Saponins act as phytochemicals, which can fight off cancer. The red variety of alugbati is a good source of xanthones, an antioxidant. A cup of alugbati has only 10 calories and less than 0.5 g of fat. It also has 55 mg of calcium, 113 mg of potassium and 50 mcg of folic acid. Folic acid, which is also called folate, is one of the B vitamins that are critical for childbearing women. It helps them prevent birth defects on the neural tube, e.g., spina bifida.

Here is the photo of alugbati plants.
 photo alugbati_zpsedd7c1f4.jpg

The house of my neighbor that full of alugbati plants in their fence.
 photo alugbati1_zps634a689d.jpg

Sorry I can’t take the photo of my menu, ginisang alugbati with monggo. I just try to cook tomorrow and I also post here my simple menu.


The Titelflex Teflon Hose

We are close to my neighbor; she loves gardening, planting the flowers in every morning. I was trying to help her while we are talking to each other. After the planting she used the ordinary hose to watering their garden. According to her she replaces the hose every three months because the hose she bought is unstable and I just recommend her to buy the titeflex teflon hose to make sure that the hose is substantial. And besides she chooses different designs and styles what she wants to buy. Because she loves gardening she needs the substantial hose to protect and to maintain the good looks of her garden.

The lucky plants

Yesterday I have planned to meet my friend in SM, but the weather is cold and seemed to become rainy so I need to cancel it. I thought to plant the lucky charm plants that time. Because my neighbors gave me 4 different kinds of lucky charms plants. And then I was texting to my husband cellphone to buy the plastic pot. The three lucky charms will put it in our simple abode and the other one is before entering. The lucky charms plants is as follows; lucky bamboo, snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, ZZ plant or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia. These make wonderful gift plants, and many people believe that they bring good luck and enhance the energy of our surroundings.

A mother-in-law’s tongue is best grown as a houseplant, but can be grown in-ground outdoors in regions that receive very little rain fall. Sanseveria trifoliate is not picky about the location it is placed in and will grow well in direct sun, partial sun and even in full shade. Place the plant away from air conditioning vents and away from cold drafts in the winter time, the plant won’t tolerate the cold air. If possible, place the plant outdoors in the spring on a covered porch and bring the plant back indoors in the fall.

 photo snakeplants_zps11969c00.jpg

Lucky bamboo or Dracaena sanderiana and related species are popular houseplants, with numerous cultivars sold. It can survive in many indoor conditions, but indirect lighting is best as direct sunlight can cause the leaves to turn yellow and burn.
 photo cornplants_zps3ea2a9db.jpg

The ZZ plant is one that you can take with you wherever you live. It doesn’t require a lot of space, and it can take neglect extremely well. The ZZ plant can live without having enough water, and doesn’t require a specific type of lighting in order to grow. It is a slow growing plant, but introducing it to more light can surely speed up the process. This plant is great for those die hard black thumbs. I also put the red ribbon to expose the beauty of this plant.

 photo zzplant_zps1357bf72.jpg

I don’t know what is the name of this plant below but according to my neighbor this is a kind of lucky plants. I also put the red ribbon to make it blooming and attractive.

 photo dontknow_zps950f1a3e.jpg

Vince standing in front of the plants.

Every morning when Vince awake I greet “good morning my baby Vince” with a hug and kiss. But I felt he hot and seem to have fever. My hubby and I brought Vince to the doctor so he was checked yet. After the check up we eat at the restaurant near the hospital, name Kusina ni Ate Norma located onTrinity Street. cor. Hermana Fausta St. Lucena City. I have seen a beautiful decorations plant with red ribbon. The nice view there seems to be attracting with many customers. Vince stands in front of this plant, even he feels bad but he was glad because he agreed to have pictures taken. The restaurant is comfortable to eat, although there is grandeur but worth it… I took a photo of Vince & plants with red ribbon for a simple souvenir.

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Ruby Tuesday 2


Gumamela Flowers are popularly called as “Island Flowers”. Gumamelas vary in colors and shapes and this is ordinary and familiar flower here in thePhilippines. It is a favorite ornamental plant in many Filipino gardens. They have different colors such as pink, light green, orange, yellow and red.

When I went to Liliw Laguna, I saw red big gumamela flower beside the Church of Liliw Laguna. I really amazed the color and size, because almost gumamela flower have a different size, small or medium size. But this red gumamela is stunning and the color is extremely red then I take a photo of this flower.

Ruby Tuesday 2

Lucky Charm Plants

Based on Wikipedia, Plants are living organisms belonging to the kingdom Plantae. Precise definitions of the kingdom vary, but as the term is used here, plants include familiar organisms such as flowering plants, conifers, ferns, mosses, and green algae, but do not include seaweeds like kelp, nor fungi and bacteria. The group is also called green plants or Viridiplantae in Latin. They obtain most of their energy from sunlight via photosynthesis using chlorophyll contained in chloroplasts, which gives them their green color. Some plants are parasitic and may not produce normal amounts of chlorophyll or photosynthesize.

Anyway, I have a money tree plants, it is a special type of bonsai tree or small plants. This plant was giving me one of my friends; she asks me that brings me more luck. Then I will buy a pot to planted this lucky charm plant and keep me in my home. I honestly don’t believe in all the lucky charms, but I keep and take care that give me everything. So wish me luck. 🙂