Vince standing in front of the plants.

Every morning when Vince awake I greet “good morning my baby Vince” with a hug and kiss. But I felt he hot and seem to have fever. My hubby and I brought Vince to the doctor so he was checked yet. After the check up we eat at the restaurant near the hospital, name Kusina ni Ate Norma located onTrinity Street. cor. Hermana Fausta St. Lucena City. I have seen a beautiful decorations plant with red ribbon. The nice view there seems to be attracting with many customers. Vince stands in front of this plant, even he feels bad but he was glad because he agreed to have pictures taken. The restaurant is comfortable to eat, although there is grandeur but worth it… I took a photo of Vince & plants with red ribbon for a simple souvenir.

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