Gumamela Flowers are popularly called as “Island Flowers”. Gumamelas vary in colors and shapes and this is ordinary and familiar flower here in thePhilippines. It is a favorite ornamental plant in many Filipino gardens. They have different colors such as pink, light green, orange, yellow and red.

When I went to Liliw Laguna, I saw red big gumamela flower beside the Church of Liliw Laguna. I really amazed the color and size, because almost gumamela flower have a different size, small or medium size. But this red gumamela is stunning and the color is extremely red then I take a photo of this flower.

Ruby Tuesday 2

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  1. Naalala ko nung araw dinidikdik namin ang gumamela tapos lalagyan ng tubig at sabon saka hahaluin para makagawa kami ng bubbles. Gawa naman sa alambre na may tela yung bubble blower namin. lol!

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