Cotton Candy Flower

The photo below is a beautiful and cute flower that I saw in Municipality of Lucena City. Just because tomorrow is the start of Niyog niyogan festival hubby and I went there to see the beautiful booth display of a different towns here in Quezon, Province. And I really attracted to the cute and beautiful flowers, and according to the saleslady the plants is called cotton candy flower. The leaf of cotton candy flower is looks like a pineapple.

Anyway there are lots of booth display but not yet finished. And tomorrow I won’t miss the opportunity to see the all beautiful booth display of every towns in Quezon, Province.

 photo cotoncandy_zpsf7f442a4.jpg

The Titelflex Teflon Hose

We are close to my neighbor; she loves gardening, planting the flowers in every morning. I was trying to help her while we are talking to each other. After the planting she used the ordinary hose to watering their garden. According to her she replaces the hose every three months because the hose she bought is unstable and I just recommend her to buy the titeflex teflon hose to make sure that the hose is substantial. And besides she chooses different designs and styles what she wants to buy. Because she loves gardening she needs the substantial hose to protect and to maintain the good looks of her garden.