Birthday celebration in SM McDonald’s

Last May 22 my hubby, Vince and I were attended the 7th Birthday party of our cousin in SM Lucena McDonald’s. I’m glad because at the age of 2 and 9 months old Vince was always joined all the games, that’s why he doesn’t know the games but he followed the instructions. Attending birthday party in McDonald’s has a lot of trivia games and we really enjoyed because I am the one who already participated the games :-). Anyway, they are fun for the whole family. Because birthday is the most joyous day in any kid’s life and kids want their birthdays to be full of fun & excitement. A children’s birthday party at McDonald’s is a magical experience they’ll always remember.

 photo mcdo_zpsc123aeb5.jpg

Because my father’s birthday!

Today is the birthday of my father; I need to weak up early in the morning to prepare some food for him. I also woke up at 6.00 in the morning and then I prepared the ingredients of my favorite maja blanca, and buco salad. I cooked these two foods because for me it’s really easy to do it and this is my specialty during any kind of celebration coming. By the way I am belonging to the big family; that’s why my sister makes spaghetti and pancit lucban for additional foods. And some of my sister gives other food for the birthday of my father. Anyway my father is 59 years old today, and thank you lord because you give him a long life and hopefully you give him a long long long life and always have a good health.

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone. It is a Chinese New Year celebrating for the month of Feb. which starts of Feb. 10 and the celebration lasts for 15 days thereafter. Today is the Year of the Water Snake which, according to knowledgeable sources, will be a wise and enigmatic period. We know of the phrase “inscrutable Chinese,” but as to how mysterious 2013 will be, we don’t know. The snake has a coiled body, which perhaps symbolizes its many facets, some of which could be, yes, enigmatic.

By the way my sister and I went to SM after her office work. We have taken a photo in SM in the front of this Kung hei fat choi display area. The display is pleasant and good-looking. This is the reason why many people taken a picture in this display. There are some of zodiac sign display and have meaning about the relationship, health and wealth. I also capture the year of the horse only because I am the year of the horse hehe. Here are the photos taken.
 photo kongheifatshui_zps24e7c3a3.jpg


There are times when I feel bored and alone. I thought to window shopping at SM mall Lucena to entertain myself. Whenever I go SM, the first place that I visited is the department store. I was surprised because I saw the blouse I want to buy because it sale 50% off, and the regular price is very expensive. Of course I bought the blouse and I thought I just treat for myself. This blouse is beautiful fabrics, soft and I feel comfortable, and then lost my boredom. After that, I went to the park wonder, the family entertainment center. This is the retail installment gaming token. My time spent here, I really enjoy collecting the ticket for every win the game. I noticed that afternoon, I called my husband and I said I’m in SM. Then he goes to the SM and we decided to eat dinner in mang inasal. I thought that just a little treat for myself. After we eat we walked again at SM after that we going home…. Haysssss, it made May Day life.

Happy 2nd birthday Vince!

Yesterday June 18, 2012, we celebrate Vince 2nd Birthday. We just had a simple celebration; we attended the mass at 9:00 am on St. Michael Archangel Church, Tayabas, Quezon it’s almost 25 minutes far from our town Pagbilao, Quezon. We decide to celebrate Vince Birthday in Tayabas, Quezon because my family lives there (my parents, brother & sister and my cousins). Before we go to Tayabas, Quezon my hubby buy a goldilocks cakes for Vince because every time Vince watching the Youtube (video birthday celebration) he just likes to blow a candle and he sang the happy birthday song. Anyway after bought a cake, we just go to the party needs store and I bought the 20 pcs. balloon, to complete his birthday. Because balloon is entertaining for the kids and at the same time beautifies the place. While my sister and my mother preparing the food for Vince.

Here is the photo of Vince to blow her birthday candle, anyway he just do it 3 times because every times he blow, he asked “one more”, then I put again the light on the candle 3 times :-). I feel Vince really enjoy for his simple 2nd birthday celebration. Love you baby Vince, and thank you for bringing so much joy for me and my hubby.



Delta Kappa Rho is the one accredited organization in our Schoolof Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Site, LucenaCity. It’s founded in year 1977. Last April 9, 2012 we celebrate the 35th anniversary of Delta Kappa Rho Fraternity/Sorority, with the theme of Looking Back…. Reviving the Deltan Spirit, located at Cusina ni Tita Norma Trinidad St. cor. Hermana Fausta St. Lucena City. This place has the owner of one my co-alumni deltans. This 35th Anniversary Delta Kappa Rho is extremely blissful; our alumni are very welcome at all our events. We recall the happy past we had and just be there and have fun with all my co alumni deltans.

I know that all of the people are familiar for this kind of organization. This organization is not all for hazing session it‘s a kind of fraternity who’s membership in fraternities and sororities offers students many opportunities to develop their leadership potential on the campus in the development of men and women’s values, leadership, relationship, and citizenship. Delta Kappa Rho is much more than an organization but its camaraderie. For me DKR is a way of life.


Gift Ideas For Wedding

Today I went to the mall together with my hubby to find great gift idea for the wedding of my cousin. The bride and groom (my cousin) invited us to their wedding located at Santa Rosa Laguna. The distance between Lucena to Santa Rosa Laguna it’s almost four hours, It’s 68 kilometres (42.2 miles) from there.

For me it’s time to find the gift because tomorrow March 24, 2012 was the wedding day celebration of the two couple. Anyway about the gift, I have no any idea what kind of gift to buy for the groom and bride. There are many choices of gifts that won’t be seen in the mall. My first idea is the personalized gift; like towel seat with their initials embroidered on it, personalized wine glasses, decorative soap for their bathroom. But according to my hubby he suggest me appliances, I think this is the best gift ideas for wedding. Here are some charming wedding gift ideas that even you’d want for …like clocks, electric fans, oven toaster, rice cooker and such are also nifty gifts for the couple. My final choice is electric fan because it’s a necessity and it’s summer time today.