Because we need to replace old appliances

Because our appliances like air pots and microwaves are old and it’s almost 6 years old my hubby wants to buy new. And I think we should replace it, my hubby just borrows the credit card of his sister and makes the best selection of airpots and microwaves. The cost of air pots is 1,200 pesos only it is a kyowa brand. And the brand name of microwave is GE and cost of 6,000 pesos it is also installment for 6 months. I know that these brands are good and quality. Kitchen appliances are very important at home to constituent of the kitchen. Because the kitchen is being the most used place in the house opens up the option for appliances that cater to a wide range of services. And one of the major cooking apparatus for the kitchen is the cooker.


The Microwave Appliances

When my hubby told me that she wants a microwave, we just bought at SM. The microwave is GE brand and this is a digital, you can program it how long you want to steam your food. It will stop automatically and your food won’t be over steamed. It becomes easy to me to use the microwave and I love to steam food. Aside from the food I can also heat in 1 cup of water for only 2 minutes. Yes, I do it for coffee :-). I am so glad that we bought a new microwave, now I am so happy. I love my kitchen stuff.

 photo microwave_zps2fc23acd.jpg

The Dvd Cabinets

Christmas is fast approaching. I’ve seen my neighborhood already set some Christmas decorations in their house. We haven’t but for the past few days I was very busy cleaning our simple abode so I can put Christmas decor as well. I want to put Christmas tree in our entertainment area. So I started cleaning that area first. It’s messy because of our appliances like TV, DVD player, amplifier and other appliances. I need to organize everything and probably hide some of the wires. Anyway, I love music and I have many CD collections. Aside from this music CD, I also have the collection of different DVD. My hubby told me to buy a new dvd cabinets for our DVD player. I think this is the best idea and aside from that it helps our simple abode to become cozy and good-looking.

Gift Ideas For Wedding

Today I went to the mall together with my hubby to find great gift idea for the wedding of my cousin. The bride and groom (my cousin) invited us to their wedding located at Santa Rosa Laguna. The distance between Lucena to Santa Rosa Laguna it’s almost four hours, It’s 68 kilometres (42.2 miles) from there.

For me it’s time to find the gift because tomorrow March 24, 2012 was the wedding day celebration of the two couple. Anyway about the gift, I have no any idea what kind of gift to buy for the groom and bride. There are many choices of gifts that won’t be seen in the mall. My first idea is the personalized gift; like towel seat with their initials embroidered on it, personalized wine glasses, decorative soap for their bathroom. But according to my hubby he suggest me appliances, I think this is the best gift ideas for wedding. Here are some charming wedding gift ideas that even you’d want for …like clocks, electric fans, oven toaster, rice cooker and such are also nifty gifts for the couple. My final choice is electric fan because it’s a necessity and it’s summer time today.