My current computer is almost 5 years old. It is a type of CRT monitor, it looks very blurred and I did not use it clearly. Then I decided to buy a new LCD monitor. My friend told me, why did you buy a new laptop? because the advantages are when you like to take them at work, mall, or during your travel and this laptop is the most suitable to keep your computer safe and secured. Well, I told her that I need to earn money to buy :-), because it expensive. But for now I need to buy a new LCD monitor for my daily works and lifestyle. I just look in computer store what is the good and cheap amount of LCD monitor :-). Then I decide the Hanns-g monitor, 14” and it cost Php 3,780.00 or $92 it‘s affordable price.

And have been very happy with my purchase the bezels and design can look a bit dull sometimes, but the quality is good. The colors are rather good, and the monitor itself looks fantastic, definitely look good. I am very comfortable to use it.