Baro’t Saya Costume

Barot Saya is the unofficial national dress of the Philippines. The name is a contraction of the Tagalog words baro at saya. Saya is women’s dress while the baro means outfit. Baro sometimes mean men’s top. Barong tagalog is a contraction of baro ng tagalog. meaning a tagalog’s clothing. Our company Camella Asia Plus by Vista Land Developer celebrated the semi-annual award and the theme Talentadong Asia Plus Panalo and baro’t saya is our costume. Aside from that they have a different talent show in every cluster all over the Philippines. Quezon Province, Batangas and Panay is belong to the cluster 6. Anyway, the semi-annual award was celebrated at Malolos Bulacan last August 18, 2014.

Here are the photos taken:
 photo 10556408_10201640928343660_2974378720711303793_n_zps82fa9312.jpg
 photo 10383632_804398762913507_6025169862891935539_n_zpsbc3c067f.jpg
 photo 995085_576613022450877_7802982657612939822_n_zps1bdc9baf.jpg
 photo 10616339_576612329117613_8073783919772684534_n_zpsb47e0169.jpg

My cute puppy

I say that I am not a dog lover. Because since I was a child I hate dog and I also scared during the dog’s bark. But one day my hubby gave me a surprise gift and the gift is a very cute puppy. First, I don’t like to carry dog but my hubby gave support and loved. Actually this is the first time to have a puppy, because we don’t have a baby I treat that my cute puppy is our baby. Until the time that my cut puppy was suffered the scabies, hubby and we gave any treatment but the scabies is still there. Until the time that my cute puppy was die even thought it is askal dog or Philippine dog but i really love him and i treat him like my son. I don’t know what to do that time because hubby and I were very busy to our work. I thought that I if they have EntirelyPets Pharmacy Entire Pets Pharmacy to avoid the scabies of my puppy dog because our town is far from the City. We don’t think to check up any dog clinic and I also believe the any kind of treatment medicine to take my cute puppy.

High lands coffee


This is the first time to take the coffee at highlands coffee in SM City Lucena. During duty in Camella Homes Office at SM the crew of high lands coffee was offered to order their product. I ordered 3 pcs of highlands coffee caramel flavor together with my co officemate. High lands coffee is a Vietnamese coffee shop chain and producer and distributor of coffee products. Based on my research the founding of the Highlands Coffee company marked the first time an Overseas Vietnamese was able to register a private company within Vietnam. As of 2009, the company operated 80 coffee shops in six cities and provinces across Vietnam. Highlands Coffee is a registered brand of Viet Thai International Joint Stock Company. Besides ownership of the Highlands Coffee brand, Viet Thai also owns sole franchising rights in Vietnam for several major international brands such as Nike, Aldo Shoes, La Vie en Rose lingerie, and Hard Rock Cafe. The company also operates restaurants and cafeterias in Vietnam, and caters to the local headquarters of Intel Corporation. Executive staff includes recruits from such companies as Coca-Cola and Starbucks.
 photo untitled_zps738f7cce.jpg



Christmas Decor

Christmas is fast approaching and we feel the weather of Christmas. It’s almost 5 months for now is also Christmas day. All people are excited and preparing the Christmas day especially here in the Philippines even though here in the Philippines was suffered them strong typhoon name Glenda. But anyway, we have many stores for Christmas decoration but today online store is very in demand, and you can choose what you want and need. By using your own computer you can find here at elf on the shelf – there are a lot of different kinds of Christmas decoration. Readers what are you waiting for, you can try to find here and you feel the Christmas season.



Welcome to Camella Homes Quezon. The subdivision is also 2 years from now but the development is almost 90 percent finished and most of the house and lot are sold out. But we have open for Phase 2 this coming August, so readers what are you waiting for just contact me +639202091404 or you can email me at my email address:, and my page at Camella HOMES Quezon and my facebook account Lanie Q. Abayle are always open to serve you. Anyway, we have many model houses like bare type which is bungalow type, 2 storey with 2 bed room, 2 storey with 3 bedroom, 2 storey with 4 bedroom, 2 storey with 5 bedroom and 2 storey with 6 bedroom.

Anyhow, Camella is bordering Lucena and Tayabas, in Isabang, is Camella Quezon, home to a charming Tuscan-inspired community that celebrates the heritage and vibrancy of the southern Tagalog heartland. Accessible via Maharlika Highway, just off Lucena City Junction, the community is only 15 minutes away to the city proper.

Thank you and i always open to serve and discuss to you!

Camella homes, amenities: club house complex, swimming pool, kids playground and basketball court.
 photo 10403341_760863593933691_3417104345790113674_n_zpsb5eee006.jpg

Camella homes vicinity map:
 photo vicinitymap_zps6a893a02.gif

Camella communities:
 photo 3_zps6607aec4.jpg

The perimeter wall around the community:
 photo 4_zps58eb7652.jpg
The houses:

 photo 02_zpsd0364aed.jpg
 photo 01_zps3ab03551.jpg
 photo 03_zps0a107869.jpg
 photo 04_zps3b3e93fb.jpg
 photo 06_zps614e64a9.jpg

@ Fiesta carnival

Because the fiesta is here again in Lucena City, hubby, Vince and I went to carnival located at the back of pacific mall, Lucena City. There are lot of different rides and they have entrance fee cost of 20 pesos each, Vince was really enjoyed to played the toy gun while my hubby was teaches him how to shoot the toy. After that, he saw the dinosaur rides and I also forgive him to ride with me and I also pay the entrance fee for 20 pesos also. Fun fun fun!
 photo vince_zps185f79df.jpg

Villa Teresa Resort

I just want to share the stunning view of Villa Teresa Private Resort located at Calamba, Laguna. Last month our manager of Asia Plus in Camella was inviting us to make it relax and removed the stress.
About the Villa Teresa Resort:
– The private resort is natural hot spring in pansol laguna, which is very familiar to all the lagunahin.
– The place is set in a spectacular view of Mt. Makiling, Villa Teresa Private Resort combines the amenities, uncompromising service and unforgettable adventures in a rare atmosphere of warmth and charm.
– And you can experience the divine luxury of a perfect vacation for the entire family… a venue for Company functions, outings and team building experience… or just a place to unwind from the stressful environment of the city.

 photo untitled_zpse20c6862.jpg

The photo was taken last month, during the team building of our company, Camella Homes Quezon.

I found this..

Google is very important to us, because every time that we need to research or to know everything google is here to help what we are need. Based on my experience my nephew asked me about the moon and I did not answer him because they have many questions and very talkative. And then he asked me mama can you pleased search on computer and then I feel that he is an old man hehe. Anyhow, I found this, the different style of hair which is very in demand today, lips, eyes and looks of whole body. And there’s a lot of beauty products you can find in the market place. Like here in our hometown there’s a lot of salon and beauty products sell because this is very in demand. Well, I said that google is essential tool that will help you measure the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts.

The Cinderella’s play

I am a uniting student at Quezonian Educational College Inc. School located in Atimonan, Quezon and last April 13, 2014 I took final examination there. That time I saw the regular students who are very busy to prepare their Cinderella’s costume for play as their final exam. So, after taking the final exam I also watched their play, but before that, I took the photo of dressing room, the make up artist which is very busy and support to the students, the costume, sound system and the preparation of the stage.

 photo 1_zpsed4fa57b.jpg

At 2.30 pm the adviser of the class Mr. Walter Delarosa was gave a short message before starting the Cinderella’s play. Anyhow, I did not post the story about the Cinderella, because almost everyone is familiar with the story. But I also took a photo of the Cinderella’s play on stage.

 photo 2_zps4ca03b2b.jpg

Anyway, during I watched the play I really amazed to all the students who played the Cinderella, because I know that they also have an effort and full support to each other to provide their costume, the students was delivered good and very nice character that they assign to everyone. I say that the sound system has a good sound effect because the preparation of the stage and the all character of Cinderella’s play were very realistic.

Here are the photos taken:

 photo 3_zps5fecbab1.jpg  photo 4_zps6813085d.jpg  photo 5_zpsc91cd136.jpgThe Cinderella’s cast with their adviser.

Thank you for watching 🙂 guys!

Shipping boats

Today here in the Philippines the course that very in demand in school is marine transportation. Just because the good salary offered of the company and aside from in demand, more of the students today likes to get marine course. Anyhow, shipping boats is one of the main roles as one to act like a taxi to move stores and people between shore and ship, and between ships. And this is the one work of a seaman or marine transportation, aside from the cargo ship and passenger.