Downloading YouTube Videos Isn’t Impossible Anymore

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There are loads and loads of videos uploaded on the internet each day. YouTube and Daily motion are the most popular websites for online video playback. The variety is vast and covers almost everything under the sun. Movies, trailers, pranks, games, tutorials, music videos, etc. are the most viewed types of videos on the websites. The sad part is that these websites do not allow downloads. Earlier there were tons of websites, which did help the user to download the content but the companies have slowly banned them, as it is a form of piracy. This makes it difficult for users to view the content offline. However, the software companies have come to the aid of the users and have launched a bunch of software, which helps users download the videos. Some software also let the users convert the video files into mp3 files. One such platform where you can convert your videos to any format is Movavi. It is the leading video converting software producer and has millions of customers all over the world, and all because of its most effective and user-friendly software applications.

How To Use The Online Video Downloader

Here are a few steps users can follow to download YouTube videos onto their hard disks and view them offline countless number of times:

  • The first step to any download is finding a reliable source for downloading the file. The Web has thousands of search engines which can help the user to find the appropriate download link.
  • After locating the file it has to be downloaded onto the hard disk of the computer. However users must be careful before they download the software as it is available for multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Fedora, etc.
  • The install file needs to be clicked after the download is complete to initiate the installation procedure. There are two options Express and Custom. The former is a default setting where all the options are checked. The latter however is a longer route where the user can select and deselect the functions he wants or doesn’t respectively.
  • After installation the software opens to calibrate the video capture settings. The automatic evaluation lets the software decide the best options for best performance. The user may change and experiment with different options to find out the one that suits him/her.
  • After that the video playback can be recorded by selecting the recording area and audio device to be used. The video playback must be synced with the recording to record the whole video perfectly.
  • In the case of an emergency where the user has to leave the computer during the recording session, he/she can set a timer when the recorder is to be stopped. This function will stop the record session after the set amount of elapsed time.
  • After this comes the save dialog box where the user may edit the video if he/she pleases. The format presets are available on the menu bar and other presets may be downloaded additionally.

Available Through Different Platforms

The software is available for download on the official pages and third party download websites

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Welcome to my First Blog

Welcome to my first blog. I am excited to have a blog though I don’t have enough knowledge on how blogging work. I heard that there is a money in blogging so I am giving it a try. My SIL who owns Living the beauty of life (just one of here 5 blogs) inspire me to make my own Anyway, my first blog will share about everything. Like my day to day activities including foods, places, me as a wife and alike. I hope you will find interesting to read.

Thank you so much and hope you will support my blog.