Blogging is very familiar to me, I am excited to have a blog though but I don’t have enough knowledge on how blogging works. I heard there is money in blogging so I am giving it a try. My SIL who owns living the beauty of life inspires me to make my own. Anyway; my first blog will share about everything. I will continue to write everything like my day to day activities including foods, places, me as a wife and alike. I really enjoyable to make my own blog and to visit other blogs. I’m beginning to love the world of blogging unlike before I have no time, idea, and I’m not interested. My SIL is the one who always teaching me on how to join the contest and give me more ideas on how to promote and get traffic.

Anyway, I will continue to join any contests. I once won in a contest online. I remember, I opened my email account I am greatly honored and joyful to get an opportunity to win $160, thanks for the blessing. This contest gave me an inspiration to search for more online contest. At the same time works and continue to my blogging career :-). Thanks for my SIL because that time I don’t know what to do, and I need to have a sideline income. For now I really enjoy blogging and I will continue my blogging career as long as I am happy.