Chowking Halo halo

Summer is here again and halo halo is the best food for the summer. Specially here in the Philippines is the halo halo is a popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans, jello and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl. Ingredients include boiled kidney beans, garbanzos, sugar palm fruit (kaong), coconut sport (macapuno), and plantains caramelized in sugar, jackfruit (langkâ), gulaman, tapioca, nata de coco, sweet potato (kamote), cheese, pounded crushed young rice (pinipig). In terms of arrangement, most of the ingredients (fruits, beans, and other sweets) are first placed inside the tall glass, followed by the shaved ice. This is then sprinkled with sugar, and topped with either (or a combination of) leche flan, purple yam (ubeng pula), or ice cream. Evaporated milk is poured into the mixture upon serving.

Anyhow, last week my manager and I have a good bonding in chowking restaurant. Because we feel the summer season we just ordered special halohalo after our duty in site of camella, quezon.

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Applecare Protection Plan For Cheap Macbook Pro

Computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operations. Since a sequence of operations can be readily changed, the computer can solve not one kind of problem but more than a problem. The computer is a powerful and useful tool because it gives the number of benefits including the ability to produce high quality work quickly. Aside from that it is enables to learn a new skills that are an important part today of a technological world.

Anyway, the one problem encountered to my personal computer is for having a virus, and if the parts of computer are broken and need to change a new parts. But for now they have a applecare protection plan for cheap macbook pro for the computers, either, lap top, tablet, musical instruments and many more. It helps to protect our devices to make it good and powerful.

Exceptional Line 6 Fbv Foot Controller

Do you find a good and quality musical instrument? Playing musical instrument has many benefits to us and also will motivate us to keep on practicing and always hold music in high esteem. Whenever you come across challenges as a musician, think about the end results and always remind yourself of all the great reasons you love to play. Anyway, musical instrument is very important to us, if you can find a quality and good instrument here is the exceptional line 6 fbv foot controller to help you to find what you like and what you need as well.

Vince with jejemon

Yesterday, hubby and I dropped by at Pacific Mall Lucena during my duty at Camella, Quezon. After my duty Vince saw the jejemon girl at the prizes prizes toys near at KFC. They have a jejemon girl model in the front of the prizes prizes toys. So, I already took a photo.
 photo jejemon_zps8f5f76d5.jpg


Engl amp at musicians friend

Amplifier is an electronic device that increases the power of signal. It helps to give a good sounds and volume of sounds. Like my hubby he bought an amplifier for our dvd player, because he knows that I love to sing even I don’t have a golden voice. According to him amplifiers help to give a good voice and sound, like engl amp at musicians friend, there are a lot of different amplifiers that also available in this online store. You can choose what you want and what you need as well. And you cannot go outside to buy a store of musical instrument that’s why you can just browse the link of this instrument. And you can find more what you wanted.

A simple souvenir

I want to say thank you to my Asia plus family for giving this cute simple souvenir. Because I am the one who got a highest grade examination during the seminar in Camella Homes.
 photo tt_zpsb7f097d8.jpg

Exciting Trombones

I remembered when I was a child I already used bamboo tree to make a sounds. I was pretending that the bamboo tree is a kind of music instrument that makes a good and interesting sound. Bamboo tree is a kind of tree that has many uses. Anyway today there’s a lot of music instrument out in the market or in online store like exciting trombones. It is a kind of trumpet instrument that used of a band group of musicians. And you can find a different kind of instrument in this store; you can find what you want and what you need.


Busy in a whole day

As a property specialist of Camella Quezon, I am very busy for the whole day. I just wake up early in the morning to prepare myself in my duty in the mall. Today I feel so tired because I have a prospect buyer and already tripping her today in our site. Sad, because I expected that she gave the reservation fee to close the lot that she likes. But I do not give up because I know that there’s a lot of people who need a house and lot. So I will continue my profession as property specialist and I don’t lose hope off course because this is a part of my work.

Anyway, I feel that I am very busy in the whole day because after my duty I also washed our clothes and off course I don’t forget to join my daily helping hand to our co-bloggers and to check my inbox, because in a web marketing I already have some buyer trough the online processing. That is my whole day life.

Korg Keyboards

A musical instrument makes a different kind of sounds. It gives to us a good condition, good mood and gave a good vibes in everyday life. I am familiar with the guitars, drum, trumpet, violin, piano, but the other instrument is not, like Korg Keyboards. Based on my research it is a kind of piano that provides a good sound of music. Anyway, they have different kind and quality of music instrument in online store. Online store today is very in demand aside from that the advantages are very convenient to us, they have a privacy and security to choose what you need, no pressure sales, easy access to customer review and many more.