Candy Land Christmas Décor

Merry Christmas to all!

Today, I visited the Camella office here in Lucena City, Quezon. Wow I really amazed the Christmas decorations. It’s all about the candy land designs. It’s very good looking because everywhere I turned I really amazed the attractive and very good design like the different kind of sweet candies, ice cream, cup cakes even the lights, ceiling and Christmas tree. Candy land decorations give the happiness, sweet and coolest outlook. Aside from the different kind of candies the very creative person who decorated the candy land decors make another cute decors of bubbles snow made of perla soap.

The candy land Christmas decor.









39th Milo Marathon 2015 @ Lucena City Quezon

This is super late post. Last Sunday August 30, 2015, hubby and I joined the 39th Milo Marathon in Lucena City, Quezon. We also joined for 5k race distance; the registration fee is 110 pesos start at SM City Lucena at also finished at SM City Lucena as well. And the marathon starts at 3am to 10am. Anyhow this is the first time to attend the Milo Marathon. My experienced is very joyful and exciting there are a lot of people who joined the said marathon.



Anyway, I congratulate my self and hubby and to all finishers of the said marathon.


Ruel Suazo and Two-time MILO Marathon Queen Mary Grace Delos Santos cinched the top spot as 21K winners of the 39th National MILO Marathon in Lucena City.

Two-time MILO Marathon Queen Mary Grace Delos Santos once again proved her athletic mettle and clinched the top spot in the 21K female race category of the 39 th National MILO Marathon in Lucena on Sunday. About 11,500 runners swarmed the city streets, including Lucena City Mayor Roderick Alcala, and celebrities Joross Gamboa, Katya Santos, Jaycee Parker, Jamille Obispo and Zara Lopez who ran in the 5K race.

Delos Santos, a member of the Philippine Air Force, bested her rivals with the time of 01:25:19. Janice Tawagin (01:38:56) secured her spot as the second placer, while Jeanyrose Hari (01:47:39) followed as the third placer.

The photo below is capture from the milo 39th milo marathon in Lucena City.


Celebrities (from left) Zara Lopez, Joross Gamboa and (far right) Jamilla Obispo ran in the 5K race in the 39th National MILO Marathon in Lucena City.

About 11,500 runners conquered the main roads to reach the finish line in the 39th National MILO Marathon in Lucena.

During running, I saw the celebrity Joross Gamboa, no time for selfie 🙂 , because we are busy to rich the finish line. Thank you milo for the wonderful experience.

Lake in San Pablo City

San Pablo is known as the seven crater lakes scattered around the City in the province of Laguna, Philippines. If you want to see the paradise, simply look and view it.

Here are the 7 lakes in San Pablo

  1. Lake Bunot in Brgy. Concepcion
  2. Lake Calibato, sometimes spelled as Lake Kalibato in Brgy. Sto. Angel
  3. The Lake of Pandin in San Lorenzo
  4. Lake Palakpakin, sometimes spelled as Lake Palacpaquin or Palacpaquen in Brgy. San Buena ventura
  5. Lake Muhikap, also known as Lake Mojicap or Lake Mohicap in Brgy. Sta. Catalina
  6. Lake Sampaloc, also spelled as Lake Sampalok, the largest of the seven lakes in Brgy. Pobalcion
  7. Lake of Yambo in Brgy. San Lorenzo

San Pablo nestled in the foothills of three majectics mountains. Mount Banahaw, Mount Makiling and the Siera Madre Mountains. San Pablo is the City of seven Lakes, is blessed with a cool climate, clean air, natural hot springs, and breathtaking Mountain View. Anyhow, our company Vista Land opened the new branch of Camella Subdivision here at San Pablo. It is located at Brgy. San Jose, San Pablo City knows as Brgy. Malamig. I am blessed because after grand launching I have a client who bought the one unit of property is cost of 3.7million pesos. Thanks God for the blessings. Well I need to fallow up may client about the requirements, Sunday afternoon around 3pm, hubby, sister and I went to San Pablo City, and then my hubby convinced me to go to the San Pablo Sampaloc Lake. Wow the place and ambiance was really good and very relaxing.

Here are the photos taken in Sampaloc Lake!






Christmas Decoration

It’s only 35 days before Christmas. Lat week my nephew Vince, hubby and I went to Pacific Mall Lucena. At the entrance of the mall we saw the giant Christmas tree with gifts and different kind of Christmas décor so I take a photo for them. Christmas décor Because Christmas decoration is an ornamentation used at Christmas time. The traditional colours of Christmas are pine green or evergreen snow white, and heart red. Blue and white are often used to represent winter, or sometimes Hanukkah, which occurs around the same time.

Anyway here are the photos taken.



My nephew Vince


My hubby and Vince


Christmas is fast approaching its only 39 days before Christmas. Yesterday Vince, hubby saw the different style of parol in the street. Then I bought parol for my Christmas decoration. The parol is made from wire, plastic and capiz with shining Christmas light that gives the happiness for every Filipino during the Christmas season. Anyhow, paróls is tradionally have a star-shaped framework made of bamboo sticks which are then covered by coloured pieces of either Japanese paper or crepe paper. The most common form is a five-pointed star with two decorative “tails”.

Paról is an ornamental, star-shaped Christmas lantern from the Philippines. It is traditionally made out of bamboo and paper and comes in various sizes and shapes, but generally the basic star pattern remains dominant. It’s also retains its original association with the Simbang Gabi ritual, a series of dawn masses that lasts for nine days. These lanterns remain until January, traditionally removed after Ephipany to honour the Three Kings and their visit to the infant Jesus.


I choose belen design because it’s a Filipino term derived from the Spanish word for Bethlehem. Two or three-dimensional figures are usually found in a Christian nativity scene. Inside a barn or stable shows the child Jesus lying in a manger while Mary and Joseph watch over him. Oftentimes, the scene includes the Three Wise Men or Magi (with or without their camels), the angels, the shepherds and their flock, a donkey, an ox, and the Star of Bethlehem that led the magi to Jesus’ birthplace.



Candy Land Theme

1st week of November celebrated the event which is the 3rd quarterly award of HOMES Quezon; the theme is about the candy land. We also wear the candy color dress. And the entire property consultant’s including me felled the sweetness of the place surrounded by the different kind of sweetness candies. Such as sugary props, marshmallows coated of chocolate, stick o, nips, the very familiar candies lollipops, cupcakes, and many more.




Anyhow, the event has full of enjoyment because the company staff chosen the candidate for Miss Candy girl and happy because I am the one them. All the candidates prepared what they favorite candies or chocolates then you explained what this candies you choose. The contest has no winner because it’s also for us and they called just satisfaction to everyone. Well, during the event the general manager announced the winner for the quarterly award and I thankful because I got the 2nd place for the quarterly award.

I want to say thank you to my entire client who trust me to buy the property in Camella HOMES Quezon.

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Musical Instrument

Musical instrument are very important to us. Because without it, the song has no soul and no life. Music can evoke emotions without the use of words. Anyhow, playing an instrument is a great way to meet people and get involved in your community. This is true for both kids and adults especially in teenager here are the musical instrument that you choose what you need you can shop free and much be convenient. Fortunately, musical instrument lessons are available for people of all ages.

Bonding with my friends @ Mjd Urban Escape Farm

Mjd urban escape farm is located at Brgy. Bocohan, Lucena City. The place is a great recreational place for the whole family, especially if you want to escape from the hustle of the city. Actually this is the 3rd times to arrive in this place and my 2 friend is also first time. So we eaten lunch there, we ordered fried pata, pinakbet, friend canton, and off course the ice tea with lemon.

Anyhow, while waiting the orders we just take a photo 🙂 .3




6 8


Microphone Types

Microphone is a kind of mic who gives a good and loud sound. I remember when my nephew has 1 year old he played my microphone and its reason to become broken. My nephew love to sing and every time he sang he used my microphone. Anyhow there’s a microphone types like shotgun microphone, handled microphone and lapel microphones. Well I love to use microphones, for now I want to buy a new handled microphone because sometimes in our home I want to sing even though I don’t have golden voice. Its makes me relax and enjoy.

Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

Kwebang Lampas is located in Pagbilao, Quezon. This is the one most attractive and hidden place in Quezon Province. My family planned to celebrate the birthday of my father in Kwebang Lampas. It’s almost 3 hours from Lucena City. We are very exciting to see the puting buhangin in kwebang lampas because all of us are very familiar the place. Even though we are all from Quezon Province but we are not familiar the place to got there. So here are the some photos taken to go in Kwebang Lampas.
01The beach is small and some tourists go there to see the very nice place. But the amenities are not complete or in other word no electricity, no lights at night, no comport rooms, no shower room because the place is not developed but has sufficient signal for Globe and Smart and maybe Sun Cellular. The cave is very nice, sand is white and the water surrounded is very clear, cold and refreshing especially inside the cave. I forget to bring my camera inside the cave because I really enjoy going there. Well, back to the facilities after the swimming I need to shower but I said no shower room so we also bought the water 50pesos per 1 container. It’s hard for me to go there 🙁 because it’s very far from the highway and we need to rent the boat 2 times to go in kwebang lampas. But if you want to relax and to go the island like a paradise no, lights, no, comport rooms, no pollution the place is perfect for you 🙂 .
03I really enjoy the beautiful view of the beach, so here are other photos taken 🙂 .
one two
four five sixThank you 🙂 and God Bless!