Kids Musical Instrument

Musical instrument for kids is help to boost their brain power. Anyhow, music simply stimulated parts of the brain for kids that are related to reading, math, and emotional development. Like my nephew Vince, he like to play any musical instrument when he was 2 years old I already noticed that he also likes to play any kids musical instrument. I want to share the photo of Vince when he saw the drum set and then he already played but i cannot find it 🙁 . Anyhow, if you want to search more different kinds of kids musical instruments here are the online store to find baby pianos, guitars, drums and many more. Aside from that you can find an instrument for every age you want to choose.

Seawall, Mauban, Quezon

The Municipality of Mauban is a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 61,141 people. The town center lies 157 km (98 mi) southeast from Manila and some 52 km (32 mi) from Lucena City, capital of Quezon province. In 2000, the Quezon Power Project, a 440 megawatt coal power plant was constructed to bring consistent power to the area. It was the first privately built, owned, and operated power generating facility in the Philippines. Anyhow, our group Asia Plus in our company had saturation in Mauban, Quezon. We saw a stunning seawall in this place. So we took photo during saturation.



Crown Power Amps

Online store is very in demand today, just because this makes them very easy to shop and sell online. A quick internet is here to search a product or services you want to find it. Anyway aside from products and services people today currently addicted to the music. Music gives me good and relaxing feelings when I feel sad. Here is a crown power amps to give you an idea on what is the best online store to the music industry. Aside from the guitar, there’s a bass, amp and effects, drums, recording, software, keyboard and MIDI, mics and wireless, live sound, DJ, lighting, accessories, band and orchestra. So guys what are you waiting for, here’s a complete online store for music industry. The store is so wide and easy to choose aside from that this is the world’s largest instrument retailer.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Our Lady of Guadalupe based on wikipedia, also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe, is a Roman Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary associated with a venerated image enshrined within the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in México City.

Hubby and I visited the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe last December 25, 2015 located at National Highway, Barangay Concepcion, Sariaya, 4322, Quezon Province.




Winner’s Treat for Angel’s Plus @ Enchanted Kingdom

I want to say thank you again to Asia Plus family for the fantastic treat at enchanted kingdom located in Sta. Rosa Laguna. The company gave treat for all the salesperson who rich the target on their quota. Enchanted Kingdom is very popular amusement in the Philippines; there are lots of different kinds of rides for kids and adults. Aside from that we really enjoy to play different kinds of games, and the winner gets the stuffed toy as our prize.




I got 3 small stuffed toy, not bad, even I can’t got the biggest stuffed toy 🙁 ! Well, thank you again for the memorable experience. Anyway, after the celebrating angels plus winner, the next days we are also celebrating the Christmas party in one Tagaytay Place suites hotel. I am the one person who belongs to get the award. Thank you God for all the blessing you gave me this 2015, I hope that I continue my good career this coming year 2016. God gave me strength and guide me everyday, more blessing and good health for me and for my family this coming 2016.



Happy new year to all!


Investment scam experience

Investment is a kind of commitment of money or capital to purchase financial or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income, or appreciation of the value of the instrument. Investment is related to saving or deferring consumption. Anyhow there’s a lot of investment today but some investment are scam. Like here in the Philippines there’s a lot of investment scam victim and lot of people joined this. Actually I am the one who experienced to join the gabai investment I invest a small amount also, for the last 3 months the operations was very smooth and realistic. But after howheil many days past, the gabai investment was become largest and lot of people joined the said investment and some other nearby town that joined as well. The investment was turn to scam. Lot of people lost their properties to invest the said gabai investment scam.

This is my investment scam experience 🙁 ! Beware to all the investment today. Please learned carefully before you joined.

The Microphone

I love to dance, I love listening the music and I love to sing. All of theme are my hobby but the best is I love to sing even I don’t have a golden voice. Every time that I sing, I feel so relax and fun. I want to share my nephew Vince when he was one in a half years old he love to sing every time that I sing he snatches the microphone, yes he sung even he don’t know the lyrics but he captures the correct tune 🙂 . Anyhow I want to attached the video here when he was sung but I can’t find it. I remember that I saved the cd. One day I post here in my blog to share it, if I can find the cd. My microphone is almost how many years, so I want to buy new microphone, I think heil online store is the best choices to find the new microphone. Because it is a large online store and I can find what I want like the colors, design and style. And I believe that it gives good benefits like the good sounds and good voice.

Eating Lunch @ Kenny Rogers

Yesterday my co agent and I went to HLURB in Calamba, Laguna. We left in Lucena at around 7.30am and we arrived at 11am, it’s almost 3 and half hours traveled because of the heavy traffic 🙁 . Traffic is one of the problems in our town because of the road widening. Anyhow, we went to HLURB because we applied the license for sales agent’s purposes. I am happy for that because I am the only one sales agent in our group in Quezon, Province gave the authority of our company to apply in PRC and HLURB for the said license. Thank’s God for the blessing 🙂 .

It’s almost 1 hour in HLURB, after that my co agents and I eating lunch at Kenny Rogers in SM Calamba. Thanks God for another blessing. We ordered the Solo plates menu which is Solo A ¼ roast chicken, regular side dish chicken macaroni salad, rice, corn muffins and pineapple juice for the cost of 540 pesos only for 2 order.

12386637_1040099592676755_1036277942_n (1)

Waiting the orders.





Happy eating 🙂 .

Spaghetti for Merienda

Yesterday my nephew Vince requested to make spaghetti for our merienda. Honestly I not a cook lover, but I need to cook for Vince. I watched you tube on how to make a simple recipe for cooking spaghetti. My ingredients is not complete I don’t have grind meat. But the result is yummy 🙂 .


  • For merienda pack of delmonte spaghetti
  • Pasta 175 grams
  • Del monte spaghetti sauce 250 grams
  • 1 small union minced
  • 1 cloves garlic minced
  • 154 ml can of Alaska condensed
  • Half of 250 ml nestle cream
  • 6 pcs small pure foods hotdog
  • Grated cheese
  • Salt and pepper of taste


Cook the pasta according to the instruction written on the packaging.

For the sauce, heat a sauce fan put few drops of cooking and butter. Sauté the onion and garlic, after a minute or until the onion become translucent u can now put the hotdog add a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix it over a medium fire for 5 or until the meat is cooked. You can now pour on the sauce: u can add an ounce or two of water so that the sauce won’t get burn when u simmers it for at least 5-7 minutes. Lower the fire. Keep an eye it cause spaghetti gets burn really fast. You should give a slow mix to it so that the sauce won’t s tick at the bottom. Add some salt and pepper to taste. Turn the fire and mix in the pasta. Once again mixed the Alaska condensed and the nestle cream then put it in the pasta. That’s all! 🙂 , thank you and happy eating!

Spaghetti for Merienda1