The Microphone

I love to dance, I love listening the music and I love to sing. All of theme are my hobby but the best is I love to sing even I don’t have a golden voice. Every time that I sing, I feel so relax and fun. I want to share my nephew Vince when he was one in a half years old he love to sing every time that I sing he snatches the microphone, yes he sung even he don’t know the lyrics but he captures the correct tune 🙂 . Anyhow I want to attached the video here when he was sung but I can’t find it. I remember that I saved the cd. One day I post here in my blog to share it, if I can find the cd. My microphone is almost how many years, so I want to buy new microphone, I think heil online store is the best choices to find the new microphone. Because it is a large online store and I can find what I want like the colors, design and style. And I believe that it gives good benefits like the good sounds and good voice.