Eating Lunch @ Kenny Rogers

Yesterday my co agent and I went to HLURB in Calamba, Laguna. We left in Lucena at around 7.30am and we arrived at 11am, it’s almost 3 and half hours traveled because of the heavy traffic 🙁 . Traffic is one of the problems in our town because of the road widening. Anyhow, we went to HLURB because we applied the license for sales agent’s purposes. I am happy for that because I am the only one sales agent in our group in Quezon, Province gave the authority of our company to apply in PRC and HLURB for the said license. Thank’s God for the blessing 🙂 .

It’s almost 1 hour in HLURB, after that my co agents and I eating lunch at Kenny Rogers in SM Calamba. Thanks God for another blessing. We ordered the Solo plates menu which is Solo A ¼ roast chicken, regular side dish chicken macaroni salad, rice, corn muffins and pineapple juice for the cost of 540 pesos only for 2 order.

12386637_1040099592676755_1036277942_n (1)

Waiting the orders.





Happy eating 🙂 .

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