Lunch @ Buddy’s Restaurant

Buddy’s Restaurant is all Filipino Foods. The main branch of this Restaurant is located province of Lucban, Quezon. This place is very popular in Quezon Province for this yearly Pahiyas Fiesta Festival. They have a branch in Makati and more branches somewhere in Quezon Province. They have a two branch in Lucena this is located at SM Lucena and the Quezon Avenue. Anyway about the Buddy’ Restaurant Pancit Lucban (Quezon Finest Product) and Pizza is a famous food in this Restaurant. Buddy’s known to many offers the best taste of Pancit Lucban with it’s good and thick and savory sauce that makes its so delicious, full of it’s ingredient that makes good taste to others.

Anyway, my friend Michelle (officemate) inviting me to lunch in Buddy’s Restaurant, located at Quezon Avenue, Lucena City. We also ordered Lechong Kawali, Sisig , coke and leche plan for our dessert that also good in taste and one of my favorite menu here in Buddy’s Restaurant.

The kiping decoration is a brightly colored, leaf-shaped wafer made of rice paste (exclusive and originally for buddy’s only). It is considered an integral part of the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon. And they have a chair with sunflower design; it looks beautiful and very attractive to the customers.

This is me in the photo 🙂 , they have the artificial tree decoration with beautiful light at the center of this restaurant. It looks very nice and attractive to the customers.

SM Advantage Card

Finally i had the time to renew my SM Advantage card. This is valid for two years from date of application, renewable for another two years. I have no time to renew for almost 5 months. Then last week finally i did it, it. Renewing is easy you only have to visit any cashier’s counter of SM Department Store and just pay P100 renewal fee using cash, points or any other tender. Then present the receipt and my old SM Advantage Card to the Customer Service Counter and my new card will be ready in just a few minutes. SM Advantage is SM’s customer loyalty program that rewards members with points every time I shop in SM Department Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and other SM retail establishments inside and outside SM Supermalls. The points earned can be used to redeem practically anything sold in any of those stores.

Aside from reward points, SM Advantage also offers numerous members-only privileges such as exclusive sales, discounts and freebies inside and outside SM Malls.

Here’s my SM Advantage card when I renew it SM gave me SM Advantage Value Perks. SM Advantage Value Perks have many discounts items inside when you used it to buy at SM.


my SM Advantage Card


my SM Advantage Value Perks


inside the SM Advantage Value Perks


Sister’s bonding in Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom is the world-class theme park in the country. It is located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna. It has a land area of 17 hectares(41 acres). The park is managed and operated by Enchanted Kingdom Inc., formerly named Amtrust Leisure Corporation. Enchanted Kingdom is a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

We have a four sister in our family and I am the eldest among the four sisters in the family. Then I decided to plan that we bonding in Enchanted Kingdom together with my three sisters. They have many rides and more attractions that we visit inside the EK. And they have a fireworks display during weekend and Philippine holidays.

One of the freakiest and scariest experience rides in EK is the Anchors away… When I ride it, I feel pulling down, especially when I seated the last row. The secret of this ride is to “let go” and scream!! But if I see this rides its make me easy and comfortable.

Anchors away

The Biggest ride in enchanted kingdom is the Wheel of Fate (Ferries Wheel). When I riding this, I will see and enjoy the view of the whole theme park and beyond. I feel that this is very comfortable and enjoying rides.

Wheel of fate

Rio grande water rapids it is a wet and wild adventure and when you ride this you bring extra clothes.

Rio grande

I don’t ride the space shuttle (roller coaster), because I feel scared and nervous :-).

Space shuttle

This is the three rides most embarrassing experience in theEnchantedKingdom. We really enjoy and lots of fun inside the EK. Here are some other photos taken in EK.


Nilagang Baboy

I don’t know how to cook the food, but yesterday i try to cook nilagang baboy for our dinner. I decided to search in Youtube, and then I follow the instructions and all the ingredients needed in this menu. Honestly this is the first time to try to cook by helping of youtube video. I don ‘t know what is the result of my menu, whether it is yummy or not. I know i follow the right instructions, after a minute my hubby tried to taste my nilagang baboy and his reaction is glad just because i got it the right taste of my menu. Anyway, starting today i will cook, because the youtube is here to guide me and to teach me :-). Thank you youtube!

Package from CANADA

We received an early Christmas presents from Jocson Family; my sister-in-law, her husband, and their four kids. They gave us t-shirt, soap, Colgate, perfume, Nike rubber shoes and my favorite chocolate. Me and my hubby really enjoy everything in it. We greatly appreciate the time and thought put into the care packages you send. Again thank your for the early Christmas gift.

Christmas decoration at SM Lucena 2011

Christmas is coming; my hubby, Vince and I went to SM City Lucena to see the nice Christmas decoration of SM Lucena, every year they have a beautiful decoration. Today they have a giant Christmas tree where SM shoppers can take souvenir photos. I haven’t attended SM Lucena launching, but I feel the spirit of Christmas and make everyone shopping experience at SM more enjoyable. The Christmas season has officially started at SM Supermalls.

A view of Christmas tree at SM Lucena
Other decoration at SM Lucena

Vince and Jollibee

Vince is the number one fun of Jollibee. He joined Jollibee’s Trick or treat last time in SM Lucena. When Vince saw Jollibee mascots on the trick or treat they have a great big effect on Vince. He thinks that Jollibee and friends are his friend. Vince is only 1 year old plus so he can’t talk much. That’s why he called Jollibee as beeee, beeee a long be pronounced 🙂 everytime Jollibee is around. He often watched Jollibee and friends in Youtube and he loves watching Jollitown. He loves the theme song of Jollibee, Vince makes dance and jump for joy.

Vince during trick or treat in SM Lucena (with pumpkin costume)

Vince and Jollibee together with my hubby

My orange collection

I was at Pacific Mall Lucena together with my hubby. We saw a lot of cute sttufed toys, all of them are very attractive. Then my hubby accompanied me to buy a token and catch the “stuffed toy catcher”. I am very happy because I catch the cute orange Garfield stuffed toy.

This orange box accessory is made of wood with name and made to order. It cost P100.00 pesos from Paiti, Laguna. This is the one of my collection I bought it last year.

Christmas Decoration

The Christmas is coming, when Jesus is born and it’s my favorite holiday of the year. I have a Christmas tree, i bought it last year. I prepare to decorate my Christmas tree; it is a perfect symbol of a Christmas season. First i will prepare the basic information of the tree such as garlands, ornaments and lights. I put the different design and color of the ornaments to the garlands from top to bottom. After that i will arrange the Christmas lights near the base of the tree. Then i put the star on the top of the tree.

my last year Christmas tree no more decorations, very simple 🙂

Here’s my new Christmas tree, my nephew Vince helps me to put the ornaments on a tree.

Welcome to my First Blog

Welcome to my first blog. I am excited to have a blog though I don’t have enough knowledge on how blogging work. I heard that there is a money in blogging so I am giving it a try. My SIL who owns Living the beauty of life (just one of here 5 blogs) inspire me to make my own Anyway, my first blog will share about everything. Like my day to day activities including foods, places, me as a wife and alike. I hope you will find interesting to read.

Thank you so much and hope you will support my blog.