Bibingkinitan at SM Lucena

After the duty in our office at Camella Homes here at SM Lucena my co property specialist invited me to take a coffee and bibingka here in Bibingkitan at SM Lucena. Actually this is the first to take a coffee here just because the weather condition is very cold I tried to join them. Bibingkinitan also serves our own blend Strong Barako Coffee and I also add a little bit of sugar and cream. We enjoyed that time and have a good bonding to each other; we have a topic about our work as property specialist, about our target buyer and many more. The coffee and bibingka have a good taste and I also like the taste, anyway the price of coffee is 30 pesos only and the bibingka is 20 pesos each. The price is worth it and very affordable. I say that this is a perfect place to talk each other and perfect place for business meeting. And off course we don’t forget to take a picture.
 photo untitled_zpsfee76fa3.jpg


Are you familiar with saba banana? It is also known as fried saba banana, it is a sweet banana and popular Filipino snack dish. Yesterday in the afternoon I will cook pritong saba for our snack, I also bought the banana to my neighbor, it cost 2.00 per piece and I also bought 20 pieces. Pritong saba is very simple to do it: a.)First you can cut one end of the banana and remove the peel. b.)Then heats up the oil on medium heat. c.) Cook for a couple of minutes. d.) Get ready to put the banana. e.) Then cook for 10 minutes or until the banana becomes brown. f.) Let it cool down for a bit on a wire rack before serving. I also add a little bit of sugar to dip it because I feel much yummy. Or it’s up to you what you like.

By the way another popular banana snack or dessert dish which we also do occasionally is called minatamis na saging or sweetened banana. It is banana plantains boiled in coconut milk and caramel sauce. The other one is saging na maruya it is a super yummy snack, bananacue and many more.

Anyway, based on my research saba banana are rich in potassium, they help the body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain. This also helps maintain a regular heartbeat and a proper balance of water in the body. Potassium is also helpful for reducing strokes and regulating blood pressure because of the way it promotes circulatory health.


photo of pako vegetable

Are you familiar with pako vegetable? Pako is a type of fern grown along the riverbanks. In our hometown, pako is very familiar and many dishes to choose like tortang pako, insaladang pako, ginisang pako and ginataang pako with suso. Anyway, the pako vendor was selling at home for only P10.00 per bundle. My hubby does not familiar this kind of vegetable then I will cook the tortang pako for him. This is my simple procedure to cook. First, I will wash pako and cut into equal parts. Then I will prepare the ingredients; garlic, onion, cooking oil, salt, pepper, magic sarap and scramble egg. By the way, for the one bundle of pako I also used two pcs. of eggs.

My simple recipe:
1. Saute garlic and onion in oil until the onion is nearly translucent.
2. Put the Pako. Be sure to drain as much water as you can.
3. Put salt, pepper and magic sarap to taste.
4. Cook until the leaves turn into a dark green.
5. Cook eggs for the omelette.
6. Put the Pako filling once the egg is cooked and fold it in half.
7. Then it‘s ready to serve.


Nilagang Baboy

I don’t know how to cook the food, but yesterday i try to cook nilagang baboy for our dinner. I decided to search in Youtube, and then I follow the instructions and all the ingredients needed in this menu. Honestly this is the first time to try to cook by helping of youtube video. I don ‘t know what is the result of my menu, whether it is yummy or not. I know i follow the right instructions, after a minute my hubby tried to taste my nilagang baboy and his reaction is glad just because i got it the right taste of my menu. Anyway, starting today i will cook, because the youtube is here to guide me and to teach me :-). Thank you youtube!