photo of pako vegetable

Are you familiar with pako vegetable? Pako is a type of fern grown along the riverbanks. In our hometown, pako is very familiar and many dishes to choose like tortang pako, insaladang pako, ginisang pako and ginataang pako with suso. Anyway, the pako vendor was selling at home for only P10.00 per bundle. My hubby does not familiar this kind of vegetable then I will cook the tortang pako for him. This is my simple procedure to cook. First, I will wash pako and cut into equal parts. Then I will prepare the ingredients; garlic, onion, cooking oil, salt, pepper, magic sarap and scramble egg. By the way, for the one bundle of pako I also used two pcs. of eggs.

My simple recipe:
1. Saute garlic and onion in oil until the onion is nearly translucent.
2. Put the Pako. Be sure to drain as much water as you can.
3. Put salt, pepper and magic sarap to taste.
4. Cook until the leaves turn into a dark green.
5. Cook eggs for the omelette.
6. Put the Pako filling once the egg is cooked and fold it in half.
7. Then it‘s ready to serve.