I miss my nephew Vince

Last week my hubby and I decided to return my nephew Vince to my mother. He is the son of my sister, but my sister and her husband worked in Manila it’s faraway from our town. For the reason, I need to relax according to my neighbor. My neighbor Tita Lorie is a midwife she tries to touch my ovary, then she asked me that I have a low ovary. It means that low ovarian, generally poor and the possibility of successful pregnancy is very limited and sensitive. Tita Lorie explains me that I need to relax; do not bring the heavy weight, and be careful. She tries to push up my ovary three times. Then we decided to return my baby Vince to my mother. But I cannot forget my baby Vince because we treated him like our own son. In every time that I miss him, I call to my mother to talk Vince, and then Vince asks me mama, mama……I feel alone 🙁 .

Today I decide to visit my nephew, he ask me mama when the first time I saw him. Vince gave me a hug and kiss. Then I decide again to bring Vince but I need to become pregnant. And according to Tita Lorie I need to relax and sacrifice for Vince. Because Vince is almost 1 year old they need to carry all the time. As I said that he is not my own baby but I really treat him like our own son.

Sometimes I feel that I got bored waiting to have a baby. But I need to wait, and I know in God times we will have. I Hope to have a baby soon.



I was searching my photo albums in my facebook. The photo below was taken at Pueblo Porla Playa Resort, Pagbilao, Quezon. My hubby and I decided to go in Pueblo Porla Playa to look the stunning place, together with my niece. Pueblo Porla Playa is a 12 hectare, first rate Mexican inspired residential and country club tucked away in Pagbilao Cove whose water ranges from emerald green to dark blue with its gentle surf lapping the white sands.

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The Provincial Government of Quezon, Lucena City has been starting to open the Christmas Bazaar, giant brightly Coconut Christmas tree and other Christmas Decorations on Dec. 5, 2011. Some of the people wishing to see the opening of a giant brightly Coconut Christmas tree and other decorations here in Capitol, Lucena City at Perez Park. Every year they have a different style of Christmas Decorations. Perez Park is the best place to rest and enjoy the weekend with your families. It was reconstructed in early 2000 and made it much better and good place for kids and parents where they can play and lay on the clean grasses.

This giant Coconut Christmas tree has 50ft. inches tall according to the employee of Province of Quezon. It’s made of coconut husk and coconut leaves, and inside the giant Christmas tree they have a Christmas Belen decoration with red poinsettia.

I bought saba bananas with yellow skins that are still slightly green. Saba bananas are one of the most important bananas in the Philippines. The fruits provide the same nutritional value as potatoes. They can be eaten raw or cooked into various traditional Filipino desserts and dishes like Maruya, Turron, Halo-halo and Ginanggang.

The Provincial Government of Quezon, Lucena City celebrates Yuletide Season 2011. I was really amazed the Christmas Village decoration inside the lobby building of Capitol. It is very creative and cute decorations. I feel that I’ve been in America 🙂 . Here are some photos taken:

Thanks for viewing 🙂

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Maya hotcake mix

I had the box of Maya hotcake mix since October and thankfully, I finally had a time to do the work with Hotcakes. Because yesterday my sister (mother of Vince) coming to my house and visited to his son Vince. I think it is good for breakfast, and then I prepare it, but I have a doubt how to cook perfect; I will follow the instruction of this Maya hotcake mix at the back of this box. Then the instructions are easy to follow.

Maya hotcake mix is also available in almost grocery store.


VSJ Bird Park is located at St. Jude Subd., Lucena City, Quezon 1.5km (walking distance) along SM City Lucena. This is the one kind of Amenities of this Subdivision. Bird Park serves as an additional learning spot for students within Lucena and nearby towns. In cooperation with the DENR, Bird Park shelters injured animals and release them when they are ready for the wild. Animals while at the Bird Park are being nursed by seasoned caretakers. St. Jude Satellite City also has picnic and camping grounds that you don’t need to go far to have a fun day with your kids.

My hubby, Vince and I were visiting this place. They have more animals like snake, monkey, and different kinds of birds from different places and etc. This VSJ Bird Park is no entrance fee; it is free for all who would like to visit this place.


A visit to a friend’s house is memorable. I was happy when my friend Jessica invited me to visit her new house in LucenaCity. She’s my friend since high school and after that it was almost 7 years before they would meet again. My hubby, Vince and I were going to the new house of my friend. I am happy for their successful in life :-), but still single for now :-(.

Vince my nephew

This cute little boy is my nephew. He is son of my sister but my husband and I, treated him as our own son. There are times that he is with us. He called me “mama” while my hubby is “papa”. For eight years that we are married we don’t have our own baby to treasure but I know in God times we will have.

Anyway going back to my nephew (Vince). We love him because he is very energetic and talkative through he is only 1-year-old. Sometimes I don’t understand what he saying but I am happy listening to him. He is the one who makes me happy whenever I’m sad.

For his age Vince is good doing these things. Eating with his fingers, helping and wearing his clothes, I find it cute whenever he turns page of every book. He loves to sing and dance. My husband and I where very thankful to his parents because they let Vince to stay and sleep with us. He was easy to take care through there are times he is having tantrums but its normal.

Nawawalang Paraiso Resort and Hotel

Nawawalang Paraiso Resort and Hotel located at Barangay Camaysa, Tayabas, Quezon. It is called the charming town of Tayabas, Quezon, twenty-minute ride away from Lucena City by car or jeepney and I think it’s about two and a half hours from Manila by south bound bus. This resort and hotel is the perfect tropical paradise. Once you get in, you’re for a vacation that refreshes and invigorates even the most jaded souls with the legendary Mt.Banahaw looming in the distance. It’s reveal in the cool waters of spring-fed swimming pools.

Some of my high school classmates and I had a get-together after the alumni at Nawawalang Paraisao Resort and Hotel. We celebrate there because it’s convenient for more of us. Our get together, great way to share memories, catch up with news and rekindle friendships and etc. High school life will bring back memories and fill our life with happiness. This is the first time we meet my high school classmate based on the different countries. It’s a great feeling to see familiar faces from one of the happiest periods of my high school life.

Everyone’s of my classmate doing a different thing but one thing we have in common is leading a happy family life. Some are in the corporate, some have their own business, architect, teacher, some are stay at home, some are still single .Generally, we all are thankful for the blessings and times like what we are having to see each other again to catch up, recall the happy past we had and just be there and have fun with everyone else.


Suman is a native Filipino food in Quezon, Province. Suman is a rice cake originating from the Philippines. It is made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, and often steamed in banana leaves or buri/buli leaves. They have two different types of suman here in Quezon; sumang malagkit ( rice cake/sticky rice) and sumang balinghoy (cassava). It comes in as many different forms as there are provinces, but the basic recipe is waxy (sweet) rice wrapped in leaves, then cooked. In Tayabas, Quezon (my Province) Suman is the ritual gift of hagisan. It is cooked with great enthusiasm by Tayabenses because Hagisan is an opportunity to share their prosperity. Bundles of suman are gaily tied in the pabitin, which is made out of a special kind of bamboo called bagakay.

Anyway about suman, everyday I wake up early in the morning because of the suman vendor. This vendor name Michael, he was very early in the morning to sale their suman product made of rice cake (sumang malagkit) here in our Village. This suman cost P3.50 per piece. This is my breakfast food together with hot coffee. I really miss to eat suman, because I remember my grandmother, she made fantastic sticky rice.

sumang malagkit (sticky rice)
sumang balinghoy (cassava)