The Provincial Government of Quezon, Lucena City has been starting to open the Christmas Bazaar, giant brightly Coconut Christmas tree and other Christmas Decorations on Dec. 5, 2011. Some of the people wishing to see the opening of a giant brightly Coconut Christmas tree and other decorations here in Capitol, Lucena City at Perez Park. Every year they have a different style of Christmas Decorations. Perez Park is the best place to rest and enjoy the weekend with your families. It was reconstructed in early 2000 and made it much better and good place for kids and parents where they can play and lay on the clean grasses.

This giant Coconut Christmas tree has 50ft. inches tall according to the employee of Province of Quezon. It’s made of coconut husk and coconut leaves, and inside the giant Christmas tree they have a Christmas Belen decoration with red poinsettia.

I bought saba bananas with yellow skins that are still slightly green. Saba bananas are one of the most important bananas in the Philippines. The fruits provide the same nutritional value as potatoes. They can be eaten raw or cooked into various traditional Filipino desserts and dishes like Maruya, Turron, Halo-halo and Ginanggang.

The Provincial Government of Quezon, Lucena City celebrates Yuletide Season 2011. I was really amazed the Christmas Village decoration inside the lobby building of Capitol. It is very creative and cute decorations. I feel that I’ve been in America 🙂 . Here are some photos taken:

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