Vince and Jollibee

Vince is the number one fun of Jollibee. He joined Jollibee’s Trick or treat last time in SM Lucena. When Vince saw Jollibee mascots on the trick or treat they have a great big effect on Vince. He thinks that Jollibee and friends are his friend. Vince is only 1 year old plus so he can’t talk much. That’s why he called Jollibee as beeee, beeee a long be pronounced 🙂 everytime Jollibee is around. He often watched Jollibee and friends in Youtube and he loves watching Jollitown. He loves the theme song of Jollibee, Vince makes dance and jump for joy.

Vince during trick or treat in SM Lucena (with pumpkin costume)

Vince and Jollibee together with my hubby