Puto Bao

Puto Bao


The photo in above in called puto bao. Puto bao is a native delicacy of the province of Agdangan, Quezon. I was surprised the good taste of this product, it is very delicious and affordable. I thought one day I tried to sell this product, I was pleased because it’s almost 30 people who ordered this kind of products. Anyhow the products was made in malagkit or rice flour, shredded coconut, purple food coloring, brown sugar, salt, water cooking oil and banana leaves. Because I have a friend in Agdangan, Quezon I sell puto bao regularly. Thank you my hubby because he bringing puto bao for me. And that is the start for the regularly selling the product.

In one box they have 20 pcs yummy puto bao. And if you want to experiences the good taste of this product kindly order me dial 09202091404 for your orders. Thank you guys 🙂 !


The Microphone

A good mic is going to give you good audio quality. You have to choose a good mic to give you a golden voice, there’s a lot of microphone to can choose ii on the market. Aside from that you can find and know about the benefits of this quality microphone like samson c01u. When choosing the right mic you need to search and find it. I know everybody wants to have a golden voice. And I am sure this microphone help to make a good voice and sound. And you can help you in your future.

Snack time with my friend

Lately my friend was visited to me during my duty in Camella at SM office Lucena City. Just because we missed each other she was invited me to eat snack at Tabelle cafe here at SM We ordered two cappuccino for the cost of 85 pesos and one slice of cake caramel flavor for the cost of 95 pesos. Off course we don’t forget to took a photo.
 photo cappusino_zpshr5mx1am.jpg

Guitar Synthesizer

Guitar is the one main music instrument to make a good song. Even there’s a lot of music instrument but guitar Guitars are important because they add an additional voice to any composition, whether it is classical, jazz, or rock and can be made to sound in many ways to add texture to said composition. Anyhow there’s a kind of electronic guitar which is the guitar synthesizer and kind of musical instrument systems that allow a guitar player to play synthesizer sound. And if you want to visit the link you can see much kind of different instruments like guitars, amp and effects, recording, software and many more that helps you to get perfect sound of music.

Ampeg Reverberocket 2

There’s a lot of musical instrument today that you can find in the musical store. We all know that music is gives us a good moods and is capable of a number of health benefits including lowering stress levels, raising states of consciousness, changing moods, accessing different states of mind, developing the brain and is useful in meditation -which has a ton of health benefits. Anyhow, ampeg reverberocket 2 is one of the kinds of music instrument that gives a good sound and combination the good quality sounds of music. Anyway the said music instrument you can find in online store at the said link. To give you an idea what you want to buy and to choose different style of ampeg reverberocket.


Vigan Ilocos Norte

This is a part of our short vacation in Ilocos Norte last holey week 2016. My family was eaten dinner at Vigan Crisologo St. in Ilocos Norte. We tried to taste the food specialty there like bagnet and longanisa. Anyhow Vigan is the most popular and class City in the province of Ilocos in the Philippines. Vigan Ilocos Norte is known the New 7 Wonders Foundation president and founding member Bernard Weber led a ceremony held at St. Paul Cathedral where he handed a bronze plaque to Vigan Mayor Eva Grace Singson-Medina, signifying the heritage city’s election as one of the world’s wonder cities.

Anyhow, we really enjoy during short vacation there, we visit the Baluarte which is attraction in Vigan, it offers a mini zoo, resort complex that lies in hectares of land, and a butterfly farm. Chavit’s home in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, is one of the top tourist destinations in Ilocos Sur. It stands on a hill and provides an awesome panoramic view of the city. The Baluarte is approximately 20 hectares with a mini zoo, shooting range, and a chapel, among others. Access to the mini zoo, where Chavit’s numerous pets can be found is free for everyone, as the respectable gentleman considers this as a gift to the people.

Another beautiful tourist spot that we visited is bell tower. It is called the Bantay Belfry because it is located in the Bantay district of Vigan. According to my research the historians Galende and Javellana the builders feared that the enormous belltower, which doubled as an observation tower, would squash the church in the event it collapse during an earthquake. So they built it away from the main building. Compared to the customary church towers built (usually attached to the main building) during that same century, these towers in Ilocos are distinct because they were designed to perform multiple functions. From this belltower one could see a fantastic view of the town, including Vigan, the vast western seas and the mountains in the east.

Cozy winters

Every winter here and every parts of the world people are wearing different kinds of winter clothing, like jackets, pajamas, bonnet cap and etc. to prevent the cold weather condition. We go outside and look for any store to find comfort winter clothing but today it’s very easy to find and look the said clothes. Here are the online stores to get easy to shop and buy the different kinds of products. Aside from the winter clothing here are the Cozy Winters to comfort your body with a quality heated products to warm your life. Most products are in stock on sale and you get a coupon to get a good price to buy the product you need.


8 Waves Park and Hotel in Bulacan

8 Waves Park and hotel are located at D.R.T Highway Ulingao, San Rafael Bulacan. 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel is approximately 53 kms or an hour and a half drive from Metropolitan Manila. Last week during holy week our family spent a short vacation there. The group of family was really enjoyed in 8 waves we are also first time there J . Anyhow, the swimming pool designed with artificial infinity waves and easy to find if you want to know how to get there using map in Google. Aside from those 8 waves is the largest water park in Bulacan. The entrance fee for adult is 250 pesos and child 4ft below is free. Aside from day swimming the 8 waves also offer for overnight swimming. The resorts have swimming attire: for male, trunks or cycling shorts or garterized shorts aove the knee. And for female is bathing suit, cycling shorts, garterized shove above the knee, sleeveless or sando shirts only.

There are the 8 waves resort amenities.

  • Waves pool
  • Bubble pool
  • Mini Olympic pool
  • Kiddie pool with noah’s ark
  • Safari pool with slides
  • Pancake House
  • Neptune’s Diner
  • Clinic
  • Ambulance
  • 10 Cottages

The resort has rules and regulations:

Not allowed: alcoholic drinks, deadly weapons or sharp objects like knives, bringing in pets and other domesticated animals. Breakable items which may cause injury like glassware’s, cooking is not allowed also. And grilling is allowed in the area of parking lot only.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet is one of the most important in our kitchen area just because cabinets are the focal point of a kitchen. There are lots of different design and materials using to make the kitchen cabinet. I thought that cabinet is one of the furniture in kitchen area and the designs will represents the personality of every owner. Anyhow, my hubby and I had planned to decide to build the kitchen cabinet in our kitchen area. My hubby bought drawer slide size materials for the drawers, handle, and door made of wood materials. Good because today there are lots of online store to find what you need. You can easy to choose the different design for the affordable price. The he has taken the carpenters. Then after two days the kitchen cabinet was finished but no paint also. I just post the picture of my kitchen hanging cabinet had done last year. And another cabinet had done last month.

 photo qqwww_zpstqccutb1.jpg