Piluka in Lucena City

Piluka means Pili Luto Kain is located at Ellirey’s Seafood Market, Paluto & Restobar sa Pacific Mall, Lucena City. The restaurant opened last March 4, 2016. If you can see the place, you can find many kinds of food you want to choose to cook it; such as, seafood, meat, lechon, vegetable and many more.

Anyhow, last week March 11, 2016 lunch time, my co pc and I tried to eat lunch there. So we choose 2pc fresh tipalia fish, then I bought it for the cost of 70 pesos. Then we choose Luto ni kuya stall to cook it, then we ordered 2 rice for the cost of 30 because 15 each, then additional ginisang kangkong for the cost of 50, the cook for fried tilapia is 120 total of 270pesos its fairly price but its worth it.
 photo 1_zpsazkua7gd.jpg  photo 2_zpsfoavucxy.jpg
 photo Untitl778_zpskmynsmmf.jpg
 photo aaa_zpsrb0myat9.jpg
 photo swss_zpsrnxjuqwj.jpg

Thank’s for the experience Piluka till next time 🙂 !


I Love Tayabas

This is my late post. Tayabas, Quezon Province is my hometown. Tayabas is known for lambanog (coconut arrack) and sweet food/delicacies, as well as tourism resorts. Tayabas is also known as the City of Festivals because of its colorful festivals. The city is famous for resorts, heritage houses, historical landmarks, rest and recreation destination and festivities. It is the former capital of the Province of Tayabas, now Aurora and Quezon. Today, I leave in Pagbilao, Quezon its 40 minutes away from Tayabas Quezon. I already visit there last February which is the Valentines Day. I really amazed the beautiful new Tayabas town. Before we go, I surely took a photo of the beautiful decorations in Tayabas.




8 Hot Fashion Trends for 2016

From the runways of Paris to the boardwalks of New York, the fashion world is having a very exciting year. Here are just eight of the trends you won’t want to miss in 2016.

1. Patchwork

Last year was the year of plaid, but this year the favored pattern seems to be patchwork. The most popular colors are definitely black and white, but reds, greens and golds have been spotted too.

2. Ruffles

Could this be the start of a ’90s resurgence? Fashion experts certainly seem to think so; they’ve been hailing the return of the ruffle as a nostalgic throwback to an era before smartphones. It remains to be seen if ruffles will actually last, however.

3. Metallics

Metallics have been trendy for several years now with no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s gold bling around the neck or shimmering silver on a futuristic tee, you can’t go wrong with bright, shiny colors.

4. Cultural Appreciation

If you’re from Japan, wear a kimono. If you’re from India, decorate your skin with mehandi design. 2016 is the year of “ethnic chic,” so wear your heritage proudly. You can find fun exotic pieces in stores around the globe, or you can make your own cultural tokens with help from places like Craftsvilla.

5. Slips

Slip dresses have been making appearances everywhere from Celine to Saint Laurent, so it’s safe to say they’re definitely back in style. As a bonus, this ultra-convenient cut is great for women on the go.

6. Tiaras

If you enjoy feeling like royalty, this trend is sure to make you smile. Tiaras have become a fashionable hair accessory seen on models around the world. It doesn’t matter what color, shape or size they are; tiaras as a whole as in.

7. Long Earrings

Put away your studded pearls; these days it’s all about the long, dangling earrings. Pair them with slinky dresses for an edgy look or flowing skirts for an elegant, after-dinner feel.

8. Natural Makeup

Natural makeup is all the rage on catwalks lately; it’s actually more shocking to see someone in the bright red lipstick that used to be ubiquitous with fashion shows. Why is natural makeup suddenly popular? Only time will tell.

The world of fashion is ever-changing, but with these eight trends, you can stay ahead of the curve. Just remember to have fun! Fashion is supposed to be a joyous thing!

Kung Hei Fat Choi

This is late post; I want to post my nephew Vince, the photo taken last year in SM Lucena. I remember my nephew Vince and I missed him so much, almost 4 years that I cared for him. After how many years I returned him to my sister which is the mother of Vince. Every time that I remember him I already opened my album in facebook account to see him.


Jewelry Store

Jewelry is a kind of investment that I really love to collect. For me it is a small things decorative worn for personal adornment. I really quickly to attract the jewelry store even in mall or any pawnshop store. Anyway there’s a lot of online store today just because it’s easy to shopping. Like www.joyjewelers.com/modules/mothers there’s a lot of jewelry design and color you can choose it. Because the Valentine’s Day is coming you can easy to choose the different kind of ring and necklace to give your love ones as your valentine’s gift. Aside from gifts for Valentines Day, you can give it for any occasion like personalized, for wedding, for your collection and many more. The said jewelry store is a wide and I think you do not look for another jewelry store because the said online store is a perfect and complete for your need. Aside from that the price is affordable.

Happy Valentines

Happy valentines to all you guys. Valentines Days is fast approaching, this coming 14th day of February is celebrates the hearts day or the day of romance. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it is not a public holiday in most of them. Based on my research Valentine’s Day is a symbols that are used today include the heart shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass produced greeting cards. Anyhow, Valentines Day costumes developed in early modern England and spread through the Anglosphere in the 19th century. In the later 20th and early 21st centuries, these customs spread to other countries, but their effects has been more limited that those of Halloween or than aspects of Christmas, such as Santa Claus. Due to a concentrated marketing effort, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in some East Asian counties with Chinese and South Koreans spending the most money on Valentines gifts.

The photo below is my friend Jessica and I; she visited to me last Feb. 1, 2016 in my house. We already missed to each other because it’s almost 3 years to meet each other again. She lives at 11am in Manila so she traveled for almost 5 hours including traffic, she came here at 4pm in Pagbilao, province of Quezon. Because the Valentine is coming, we already drank 2 bottle of red horse. Off course we don’t’ forget to take a photo. I want to say thank you Jessica for visiting me. Until next time 🙂 .

Kids Musical Instrument

Musical instrument for kids is help to boost their brain power. Anyhow, music simply stimulated parts of the brain for kids that are related to reading, math, and emotional development. Like my nephew Vince, he like to play any musical instrument when he was 2 years old I already noticed that he also likes to play any kids musical instrument. I want to share the photo of Vince when he saw the drum set and then he already played but i cannot find it 🙁 . Anyhow, if you want to search more different kinds of kids musical instruments here are the online store to find baby pianos, guitars, drums and many more. Aside from that you can find an instrument for every age you want to choose.

Seawall, Mauban, Quezon

The Municipality of Mauban is a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 61,141 people. The town center lies 157 km (98 mi) southeast from Manila and some 52 km (32 mi) from Lucena City, capital of Quezon province. In 2000, the Quezon Power Project, a 440 megawatt coal power plant was constructed to bring consistent power to the area. It was the first privately built, owned, and operated power generating facility in the Philippines. Anyhow, our group Asia Plus in our company had saturation in Mauban, Quezon. We saw a stunning seawall in this place. So we took photo during saturation.



Crown Power Amps

Online store is very in demand today, just because this makes them very easy to shop and sell online. A quick internet is here to search a product or services you want to find it. Anyway aside from products and services people today currently addicted to the music. Music gives me good and relaxing feelings when I feel sad. Here is a crown power amps to give you an idea on what is the best online store to the music industry. Aside from the guitar, there’s a bass, amp and effects, drums, recording, software, keyboard and MIDI, mics and wireless, live sound, DJ, lighting, accessories, band and orchestra. So guys what are you waiting for, here’s a complete online store for music industry. The store is so wide and easy to choose aside from that this is the world’s largest instrument retailer.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Our Lady of Guadalupe based on wikipedia, also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe, is a Roman Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary associated with a venerated image enshrined within the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in México City.

Hubby and I visited the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe last December 25, 2015 located at National Highway, Barangay Concepcion, Sariaya, 4322, Quezon Province.