Jewelry Store

Jewelry is a kind of investment that I really love to collect. For me it is a small things decorative worn for personal adornment. I really quickly to attract the jewelry store even in mall or any pawnshop store. Anyway there’s a lot of online store today just because it’s easy to shopping. Like there’s a lot of jewelry design and color you can choose it. Because the Valentine’s Day is coming you can easy to choose the different kind of ring and necklace to give your love ones as your valentine’s gift. Aside from gifts for Valentines Day, you can give it for any occasion like personalized, for wedding, for your collection and many more. The said jewelry store is a wide and I think you do not look for another jewelry store because the said online store is a perfect and complete for your need. Aside from that the price is affordable.


Almost one month before Christmas I know people are making their lists of things to buy a gift they could give to their friends, relatives or special someone. I ‘m sure some of you are thinking how many times what the best Christmas gift ideas to buy. I remember last year my friends gave me a Christmas gift box accessories, it looks like a puzzle box. I’m glad because I will put all my accessories in the box. And for me it is the best gift ideas this coming Christmas, because they have many different designs and style what you want to choose and besides the price is good and it’s not just for Christmas only but also in other occasions.


Pedicure and manicure is very easy to apply the nails. Actually I am doing this to myself. I already apply pedicure and manicure. I have a simple procedure that can be easily performed at home to make your feet and hands always healthy and attractive. .

My simple procedure:

  1. Remove the old nail polish by using cotton with nail polish remover or acetone.
  2. If you want to cut or shape your nails use your nail cutter and emery board.
  3. Wrap the cotton wool around the stick and push the cuticle back gently. If it tends to adhere, apply some hand cream and then push it back.
  4. Then apply hand cream if you like to massage.
  5. This is the last step in home manicure and pedicures process. Apply nail polish; choose the color you like to apply on your nails, using smooth strokes, from the base to the tip of the nails.

Anyway, that time I feel lazy and not mood to clean my nails because of my asthma attack. The work of my neighbor is to clean the nails for manicure and pedicures, she always here if you need her. The total amount of her manicure and pedicures is P 80.00. To be honest this is the 3rd times to put up other people to beautifying my nails first is during our wedding day, the second is in the office during our Christmas Party, and the photo below is the 3rd time.

pedicure and manicure