Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet is one of the most important in our kitchen area just because cabinets are the focal point of a kitchen. There are lots of different design and materials using to make the kitchen cabinet. I thought that cabinet is one of the furniture in kitchen area and the designs will represents the personality of every owner. Anyhow, my hubby and I had planned to decide to build the kitchen cabinet in our kitchen area. My hubby bought drawer slide size materials for the drawers, handle, and door made of wood materials. Good because today there are lots of online store to find what you need. You can easy to choose the different design for the affordable price. The he has taken the carpenters. Then after two days the kitchen cabinet was finished but no paint also. I just post the picture of my kitchen hanging cabinet had done last year. And another cabinet had done last month.

 photo qqwww_zpstqccutb1.jpg

Artificial Grapes

I bought these artificial grapes for the cost of 50 pesos in Novo store. They had 2 colors which are green and violet; Well, I choose color violet because it looks real grapes. And I will bought it because I just thought that its perfect display for our new kitchen cabinet. Actually when Vince saw the artificial grapes he asked me mama I want grapes, and then I explain it to him that the grapes is also artificial and not a real grapes. He don’t believed me and then he get the chair to get the artificial grapes, after he touched it, he asked me mama it is a plastic? Yes baby, I answered him and I feel so pity to him, and then I already called to my hubby to buy one half kilo of grapes for Vince. That’s the story of my artificial grapes hehe.
 photo kitchencabinet_zps8da93cf7.jpg