Bibingkinitan at SM Lucena

After the duty in our office at Camella Homes here at SM Lucena my co property specialist invited me to take a coffee and bibingka here in Bibingkitan at SM Lucena. Actually this is the first to take a coffee here just because the weather condition is very cold I tried to join them. Bibingkinitan also serves our own blend Strong Barako Coffee and I also add a little bit of sugar and cream. We enjoyed that time and have a good bonding to each other; we have a topic about our work as property specialist, about our target buyer and many more. The coffee and bibingka have a good taste and I also like the taste, anyway the price of coffee is 30 pesos only and the bibingka is 20 pesos each. The price is worth it and very affordable. I say that this is a perfect place to talk each other and perfect place for business meeting. And off course we don’t forget to take a picture.
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The Perfect Birthday Present

They have many birthday present items you can find outside. If you went to the mall, you can spot much different stuff to choose not only for birthday present but for any occasions as well.

And also, you will have to think of a perfect birthday gift idea to buy something. For me it is not easy to find the perfect gift even for the closest family members, friends and neighbor because people change with time and so do their taste and likes. But if you are not sure the gift you choose here is the perfect gift from Reeds jewelers Reeds jewelers that you can enjoy to choose what the best design you can find it.

My Little Bossings Movie

This is my late post, last year December 25, 2013, my hubby, Vince and I Watching My Little Bossings movie in SM City Lucena Theater. The movie is for all the families it is very nice movie. This is Filipino comedy film directed by Marlon Rivera, starring Vic Sotto, Kris Aquino, Ryzza Mae Dizon and James “Bimby” Aquino Yap. The film is one of the 2013 Metro_Manila_Film_Festival entries that has been recently released in theaters nationwide last December 25, 2013 by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Productions, APT Entertainment and Kris Aquino Productions. Actually this is the second time of Vince watching the movie.

This is the plot of the story came from google. Torky (Vic Sotto) is a bookkeeper working for Baba (Kris Aquino) millionaire cash management specialist. Because of some conflict in her business that puts her life in danger, Baba entrusts the safety of her son Justin (Bimbi Aquino-Yap) to Torky who takes him home to meet his daughter Ice Aiza Seguerra and Ching Ryzza Mae Dizon the street urchin that the latter took under her wing. Given that Justin is not particularly fond of Torky, how all four of them would get along under one roof becomes the focus of the story. Anyhow, my nephew Vince was really enjoyed watching my little bossings just because he knows Ryzza and bossing Vic Sotto, this is the second time he watched the movie.
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Cowboy Costume

Year 2014 is the year of a wooden horse. Our company celebrated general assembly at Mjd Urban escape farm the dining place located at Brgy. Bocohan, Domoit, Lucena City. The year of the wooden horse is said to be a year for those who are ready for a thrilling year. It would be a year of opportunities in which a person must grab, if they want a prosperous year. This is also the time of year where people search on whether it would be a good year for them and what their horoscopes are according to astrology.

Anyhow, our company celebrated the general assembly at Mjd Urban Escape farm, which our costume is cowboy attire. Sad, because I don’t have boots to perfect my outfit but our company honored wedge sandals which I also wore.
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Apricot Power

I don’t like the weather yesterday for the reason that it’s very cold and rainy. I feel bored and alone because I just stayed in our house in a whole day together with my nephew Vince. I saw the one bottle of pili nuts in my kitchen cabinet, the pili nuts is came from my neighbor when she went to bicol, which is the place of pili nuts and tourist spot here in the Philippines. And which located the Mount Mayon, Misibis Bay resort and other beautiful places. Anyway, pili nuts are one of my favorite foods it belongs to the where you can found the different flavor of apricot kernels and you can find there different products like oil, vitamins, chocolate and many more.

Happy new year everyone!

As the New Year begins, let us pray, that it will be a year with new peace, new happiness, and abundance of new friends. God Bless you all thourhg out the New Year. Happy New Year everyone, Welcome 2014.


Family looks holiday fireworks image from google

Cajon Drum at Musicians Friend

Music instruments have many uses to make different kinds of sounds. The very in demand music today is a beat box song. The kind of music is a form of vocal percussion which is the primarily involving the art of producing like drum beats, rhythm and musical sounds by using mouth. By the used of mouth you can composed a different kind of sound. This is the one in demand music today but aside from that you can compose a good music or sounds by using cajon drum in cajon drum at musicians friend. The instrument has been played not only with hands, but also with plastic and metal brushes, as normally used for drums.


The perfect christmas present


I want to share this cute Barbie doll for perfect Christmas present. My neighbor is a guy and he sells this kind of Christmas present by made to order. The Barbie doll is looks cute and amazing because of a super pretty gown dress. The one piece of Barbie doll is cost of 350 pesos only. It is very affordable if you compare in the mall or other doll store. Actually I ordered 4 pcs for my 4 niece because I know that they like the Barbie doll and this is the perfect Christmas present.

 photo PC203660_zps8634038f.jpg
 photo barbiedoll_zps2b8fa1c3.jpg

Lovely Mother of the Bride Dresses

A wedding is a very memorable event for the bride. However, what most people fail to realize is the fact that this is one moment that the mother of the bride has been waiting for a very long time. Of course, mothers wish to look their best on the special day of their daughters. This is why they would like to look for the loveliest mother of the bride dress there is.

One of the greatest ways to find a lovely mother of the bride dress is to go online. A lot of online boutiques now offer a wide array of these dresses. One of which is the DressFirst. DressFirst makes dress shopping a lot easier with their different types, styles and colors of dresses. Here are the mother of the bride dresses from DressFirst that I highly recommend:

  • Sheath Scoop Neck Knee-Length Satin Mother of the Bride Dress

This is a conservative yet elegant-looking dress that mother of the brides would love to wear. This mother of the bride dress depicts elegance and style. You may rarely see scoop necklines these days but this never fails to add a touch of class to any outfit. The brown color is not too flashy which is perfect for the mother since she would not want to overpower the bride on her wedding day. If you are not into revealing too much skin, this is the perfect style for you. This dress is made available at the price of 132.99USD.

* Sheath Off-the-Shoulder Knee-Length Charmeuse Mother of the Bride Dress

It is very rare for mothers of the bride to wear a dress that is above the knee but I believe that this dress should be the exemption. The off-shoulder neckline shows off just the right amount of skin. The Charmeuse fabric is adorned with curve-enhancing lines which would be perfect for mothers. The dark navy color makes the dress perfect during summer and spring.

* A- Line/Princess V-neck Sweep Train Chiffon Lace Mother of the Bride Dress With Ruffle Beading

For the chic yet formal wedding, this dress would be perfect for the mother of the bride. The sweep train together with the lace and chiffon fabric used will surely make you noticeable during the wedding. It does not show off too much skin, which is perfect for formal events.

These are just some of the trendy and stylish mother of the bride dresses in DressFirst. Check out their site for more!
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