Ice brake sale award

I want to say thank you to all Asia Plus Camella all over the Philippines for giving this ice brake sale award. In my two months in your company this is the second time that I received and award my first award is the ice breaker award same here the ice brake sale award. As our property specialist I need to give my full support to my work to have more awards 🙂 . Hopefully the blessing of our God will be continued. Thank you God for everything you’ve done to me.
 photo asiaplusaward_zpsb7974a50.jpg

The hobby of my hubby

Last week my hubby referred our faucet because it’s already broken. I am very thankful to my hubby because he knows everything on how to refer not only the faucet but any kind of a thing. He knows everything on how to refer our car machine, the electricity and our computer shop business sometimes he is a carpenter. Sometimes I feel irritated to him because all of the things in our house he make intervention but I realized that he’s right because he know everything in our house. No need to get the plumber, electrician, carpenter to pay them because my hubby is here. Anyhow, those are the hobby of my hubby during he stayed here in our house that I already shared 🙂 .

Because of the hobby of my hubby he needs a lot of tools to use. And I think I need to suggest the imprinted promotional products to buy some tools he needed. Not only tools because this kind of online store is very wide and you can choose everything what you want. They have a lot of products you can find it. Aside from that you can really enjoy shopping because the price is already affordable.



Talaba or oyster is a kind of sea food it is rough, fluted shells that are soft and fleshy in texture, influenced by the water they come from. Sweet and sometimes salty, oysters have a unique dusky flavor. Oysters can be consumed in variety of ways such as half shelled, raw, smoked, boiled, baked, fried, roasted, stewed, canned, pickled, steamed and grilled. They are rich in various vitamins and minerals and hence, benefit the young and old, men and women.

I don’t like to eat talaba, but last night our dinner is almost seafood because my manager was also won in Asia plus Excellence Award and then he treats us for dinner. I tried to eat the entire menu except talaba but according to my co agent you can try to eat talaba. The first time I taste it I don’t like the taste because they have a unique dusky flavor. But when I tried to research the internet about the health benefits of talaba, it is full of benefits I also find it. So I told to my hubby to buy talaba in our wet market J even I don’t like the taste but I like the health benefits.
 photo talaba_zpse04e7804.jpg

The Second Hand Car

Our second hand car is almost 3 years today. This is the time that I need to learn how to drive, to get driver license and need to become brave during driving. Today I really enjoy driving and I don’t feel nervous because last time I really feel that but it also normal for the new beginner like me according to my instructor. Anyhow, my hubby is very aware to drive and every time he encounter the strange he also check up the parts of the machine. He also used the different kind of tools like, screw driver, Philips, socket and valves for a pump. Aside from that to check the car machine like engine, fluids, water and other parts before we travel is very important to make it sure that it is in good condition and running smooth.

Vince Eating Siopao

After attending novena and mass in St. Anne Church at Malicboy, Quezon my hubby and I decided to eat dinner at Antigua Restaurant, Lucena City. Before we ordered the food Vince requested to buy his favorite Siopao. Siopao is a popular food item in the Philippines and they have 2 flavors which are bola-bola or asado with additional dipping sauce. The literary meaning of siopao is steamed buns.

Siopao is very popular here in the Philippines, and you can see the Vendor siopao some of the street and other restaurant as their additional food like in mall or food court. Anyway, Vince likes to eat siopao, when the first time he tastes it and every time that we go outside he requested to buy siopao. He is the one favorite food to eat, picture picture before eating 🙂 . Yum yum yum!
 photo siopao_zps883bd269.jpg

Budda Amplifiers at Musicians Friend

Amplifiers is an electronic device that increasing the power of a signal. It helps to give a good, strong and confident sound of music. Amplifier is the one of the most important components in any system. Like the budda amplifiers at Musicians Friend you can find different kind and design this online store. It help you what you like and what you want in this store because they have many categories you can find there like guitar amplifier cabinets, guitar amplifier heads, combo guitar amplifiers and a lot more.


PAN de MANILA with hot coffe and pandesal

It’s a cold weather here in Lucena City, today the weather forecast conditions is very cloudy with little rain and have 25degree Celsius. I also wore jacket and blazer if I go outside to feel comfortable and do not feel the cold weather. During our duty in my office I also take a hot coffee with pandesal at PAN de MANILA SM City Lucena. The coffee is worth of of 24 pesos and the pandesal is worth of 6 pesos each, so I bought 6 pcs because I also shared to my co property specialist :-).
 photo pandemanila_zps3f967708.jpg


Music Instruments

Do you like to play any music instrument or listen to music? I think that anyone of us is loved to play and can enjoy listening. There are many ways on how to listen the music like cell phone, tv, mp3, mp4, mp5, I pod, cd player, group band, videoke and other gadgets and procedure that in demand today. But if you want to use any instruments I think the buy gemeinhardt 3sb flute offset g is a perfect online store, there a lot product of music instrument to choose and aside from you can enjoy shopping there.

Pantene Hair Care Products

I want to say thank you Pantene Philippines for the Pantene Hair Care Products that I received last week. It was really nice, gave a shiny and smooth hair and looking healthy everyday. First of all I want to say thank you to my SIL for giving me a website which I need to fill up to get the Pantene Care Products.
 photo pantene_zps17490fd7.jpgAnyhow, the good advantages of pantene shampoo is that causes of your hair to be silky and smooth. In addition, it also has a very large follower base and is one of the most popular shampoos in the world. Yet another advantage is that if your hair is unmanageable, it will make it easier to comb.

Laguna Guitar at Musicians Friend

Playing guitars is a good instrument in a music industry. Guitar is very important in a band group because it is a popular musical instrument that makes a good sound by playing of its string. This is the reason why my nephew Vince loves to play guitar. He is 3 and half years old only but I saw his interest in music like to play guitar. Anyways, there are a lot of guitar store outside like in the mall or any guitar store, but they have a lots of guitar designs here in online store at laguna guitar at Musicians Friend. You will find a good and quality guitar instrument in this online store.