Vince Eating Siopao

After attending novena and mass in St. Anne Church at Malicboy, Quezon my hubby and I decided to eat dinner at Antigua Restaurant, Lucena City. Before we ordered the food Vince requested to buy his favorite Siopao. Siopao is a popular food item in the Philippines and they have 2 flavors which are bola-bola or asado with additional dipping sauce. The literary meaning of siopao is steamed buns.

Siopao is very popular here in the Philippines, and you can see the Vendor siopao some of the street and other restaurant as their additional food like in mall or food court. Anyway, Vince likes to eat siopao, when the first time he tastes it and every time that we go outside he requested to buy siopao. He is the one favorite food to eat, picture picture before eating 🙂 . Yum yum yum!
 photo siopao_zps883bd269.jpg