House and Lot Package

I want to share you guys that i am a sales person of Vista Land Developer here in the Philippines. Vista land is very popular developer in the Philippines and its also nationwide. I don’t want to elaborate about that :-). I also share some model house that i will sell. Guys if you are interested just contact me from my Fb account Lanie Q. Abayle, email me @, or may contact number @ 0920-2091-404! Thank you and God Bless every one 🙂 !

Guitar Center El Paso

Guitar is a kind of music instrument that is very important in the music industry. Playing guitar instruments reduces the stress and makes you fun and enjoy. Aside from that playing guitar helps improve your concentration and memory that’s why people who really enjoy playing guitar. Anyhow, guitar center el paso is one of a kind large store, you can find and choose your needs and like. There’s a lot of a different design and color in this online store. So its not hassle to buy because it’s become easy to choose.

Auto tune software

The power of music is the best stress reliever in our mind, in our heart and our body. The soothing power of music is well-established. It has an exceptional link to our emotions, so can be a terrifically helpful stress management tool. Listening to music can have an enormously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. Aside from that it helps to change our bad moods to become good modes and very effective for relaxation and stress management. In addition listening music especially slower tempo can quiet our mind and relax our muscles for making we feel soothed whiles releasing the stress in the whole day. Anyhow auto tune software is one of the parts in music instrument that is very important to give a good vocal sound and effects. And aside from that this is the best selling products is music software. You can choose the quality and good products.

Puto Bao

Puto Bao


The photo in above in called puto bao. Puto bao is a native delicacy of the province of Agdangan, Quezon. I was surprised the good taste of this product, it is very delicious and affordable. I thought one day I tried to sell this product, I was pleased because it’s almost 30 people who ordered this kind of products. Anyhow the products was made in malagkit or rice flour, shredded coconut, purple food coloring, brown sugar, salt, water cooking oil and banana leaves. Because I have a friend in Agdangan, Quezon I sell puto bao regularly. Thank you my hubby because he bringing puto bao for me. And that is the start for the regularly selling the product.

In one box they have 20 pcs yummy puto bao. And if you want to experiences the good taste of this product kindly order me dial 09202091404 for your orders. Thank you guys 🙂 !


The Microphone

A good mic is going to give you good audio quality. You have to choose a good mic to give you a golden voice, there’s a lot of microphone to can choose ii on the market. Aside from that you can find and know about the benefits of this quality microphone like samson c01u. When choosing the right mic you need to search and find it. I know everybody wants to have a golden voice. And I am sure this microphone help to make a good voice and sound. And you can help you in your future.

Snack time with my friend

Lately my friend was visited to me during my duty in Camella at SM office Lucena City. Just because we missed each other she was invited me to eat snack at Tabelle cafe here at SM We ordered two cappuccino for the cost of 85 pesos and one slice of cake caramel flavor for the cost of 95 pesos. Off course we don’t forget to took a photo.
 photo cappusino_zpshr5mx1am.jpg

Guitar Synthesizer

Guitar is the one main music instrument to make a good song. Even there’s a lot of music instrument but guitar Guitars are important because they add an additional voice to any composition, whether it is classical, jazz, or rock and can be made to sound in many ways to add texture to said composition. Anyhow there’s a kind of electronic guitar which is the guitar synthesizer and kind of musical instrument systems that allow a guitar player to play synthesizer sound. And if you want to visit the link you can see much kind of different instruments like guitars, amp and effects, recording, software and many more that helps you to get perfect sound of music.

Ampeg Reverberocket 2

There’s a lot of musical instrument today that you can find in the musical store. We all know that music is gives us a good moods and is capable of a number of health benefits including lowering stress levels, raising states of consciousness, changing moods, accessing different states of mind, developing the brain and is useful in meditation -which has a ton of health benefits. Anyhow, ampeg reverberocket 2 is one of the kinds of music instrument that gives a good sound and combination the good quality sounds of music. Anyway the said music instrument you can find in online store at the said link. To give you an idea what you want to buy and to choose different style of ampeg reverberocket.