This is the first time I cook spaghetti. I visited my parents last week, my sister and I decided to cook the spaghetti, but I don’t know how to cook, then she helps me. I learned that it’s easy turned out to cooking it. I put lots of cheese , because I also favorite cheese.

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My favorite dessert is chocolate. I love chocolates because it makes me become relaxed, happy and my stress level becomes lower. Chocolates also raise antioxidant levels in the blood  which in turn help fight any foreign bodies that can cause illnesses. Anyway the photo below are the chocolates  given by my sister-in-law who is residing in  Paris, France.  She sent package to my mother-in-law and thankful because we received  clothes, shoes, and my favorite chocolate.

By the way, I am very thankful to my  sister-in-law for the package.


Banana cue is a kind of Filipino snack that are deep-fried bananas and coated in caramelized brown sugar. There are different kinds of banana and the one used in banana cue is saba. I took a picture of these banana cue’s while the vendor is selling at home, it cost Php 8 pesos. This is perfect for snacks because banana have many vitamins like Vit. A, C, E, B, and potassium, and it’s best for a healthy diet. Banana fruits widely sell in the market at affordable price.



Today is summer season and the favorite way to beat the people this summer heat, is one big serving of Halo- halo . Halo-halo is known as a Filipino dessert or snack and it is quite easy to prepare as most of its ingredients are readily available. It is usually a mixture of sweet preserved like beans, macapuno or coconut milk, jackfruit pinipig, sweet yam ube, leche flan, shreds of sweetened plantain or saba, filled with crushed ice, evaporated milk and topped with ice cream It is a traditional Filipino summer treat in the Philippines.

If you will go somewhere you’ll find a Halo-Halo, because halo-halo is very popular during summer time. You will see Halo-Halo in the street/in store, in the restaurant but they have different ingredients as you can see the regular and special Halo-Halo or you can make it easy to do it your own Halo-Halo. Today I eat two times halo-halo, I buy to my neighbor it cost P15.00 or less than $.5. They have a simple recipe but having a strong smell and the sweetened is exactly to the taste. They have a simple mixture of preserved, like beans, sweet banana, pinipig, gelatin, mongo, ube and of course the evaporated milk. My hubby and I are the number one regular customer in my neighbor. He asks me it is a simple Halo-Halo, but it’s creamy and the sweetness is exactly to the taste.

Potchi Candy

Potchi Strawberry Cream Gummy Candy is the favorite candy of a lot of people here in the Philippines most of all for the kids. Pochi is a yummy candy; it’s sugar-coated-chewy-gummy and strawberry flavored. This candy’s favorite of Vince, everytime, he bought a potchi to my neighbor store. My hubby tried to give him any kind of candies but he did not eat. But for the potchi candy he dancing, surely makes him feel happy. 🙂

This candy is also available in all sari-sari stores.

Jollibee Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

Yesterday, I got a chance to drop by Jollibee SM Lucena. I usually eat at Jollibee during dinner or snack time that is why I am not familiar with the Jollibee New Menu for the day. I usually eat the Jollibee sweet spaghetti, chicken, burger and French fries. The Jollibee crew was offered me something new to add to my order and this is Jollibee Chicken and Mushroom Pasta, then I will try to order and I really enjoy the good taste of this Pasta. I believe you really enjoy the Pinoy style sweet spaghetti; but you might also enjoy the good taste of Jollibee Chicken and Mushroom Pasta it also had a generous serving of button mushrooms. The spaghetti noodles coated with a spicy tomato sauce. The sauce actually tasted like common meat sauce sans the sweetness. However it is good, very tasty. And the grated cheese provided the slight, dairy flavor that’s providing a good difference to the strapping flavors of the sauce. A solo order of this Jollibee Chicken and Mushroom Pasta costs Php 55.00 only.

Just try the Chicken and Mushroom Pasta I hope you really enjoy the good taste of this Pasta. 🙂



Good morning everyone, today is Sunday have a great Sunday to all. It certainly is a great way to start the morning than having a nice coffee, with hot pan de sal, a Filipino bread literally means bread of salt and slices of cheese. I have a neighbor here and she has a bakery shop, where i frequently buy breads. I love their pandesal, because it is freshly and newly bake. Today I wake up at 3.00 in the morning, I don’t know why I woke up this early :-(, because most of the time i wake at around 6.00 in the morning. I decided to get online, first my Facebook account and then listening and watching the old 80’s music/video in youtube together with hot coffee and pandesal. Breakfast with hot coffee and pandesal is a typical Filipino breakfast.

After that I just went out to walk and have some stretch, feel the cold of atmosphere, I felt refreshed and full of energy. What a beautiful way to start the day.


I received unexpected Milk from Athena last month. I joined Athena Milk Promo in facebook through the help of Mona (my SIL) of Living the Beauty of Life.

This milk designed for every woman healthy, beauty and nutrition needs; Athena gives you beauty with nutrition which is very important to every woman. Thanks for their promo; I’ve got the right one for me. I think I have compromise my health more than once. So the good thing that Athena Milk for Women understands the needs of the modern day more Filipino woman, who always want to stay fit and attractive.

Strong Bones: Athena has more calcium than your average dairy product making sure you get what is necessary for maintaining good bone mass levels, also enriched with Vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption and Vitamin K to bind calcium and other minerals to strengthen your bones.

Slim Figure: Some would thought that drinking milk will get you fat, Athena is nutritionally balanced and low in fat so that you can able to guiltlessly indulge without worrying about those extra calories.

Beautiful Skin: Athena also takes care of your skin. The only milk with anti-oxidants that combat the cell-damaging free radicals in your body. Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Zinc combine to protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays and pollution.

A total makeover. Athena is what every woman needs.

Athena Milk is also available in leading supermarkets, groceries and drugstores nationwide.



Salad is the most popular Filipino dessert usually served after lunch or dinner. And for the Filipino buko salad is common usually during any occasions. Me and my hubby were craving for buko salad so we went out to buy the ingredients. We bought 12 pcs. or one dozen of young coconut. Then we went to grocery store and bought the remaining ingredients needed to make buko salad.

Here are the ingredients we bought: 1 liter of today’s fruit cocktail, alaska condensed 350 ml, all purpose nestle cream 200 grams, eden cheese 180 grams. My hubby and I started to prepare the buko salad by scraping the buko meat from the husk using buko shedder utensils.

Then, simply mixed all the ingredients including buko meat in a mixing bowl. Be sure to mix well. Then chill in the refrigerator for several hours. After that my buko salad was ready to serve cold as a dessert.