Salad is the most popular Filipino dessert usually served after lunch or dinner. And for the Filipino buko salad is common usually during any occasions. Me and my hubby were craving for buko salad so we went out to buy the ingredients. We bought 12 pcs. or one dozen of young coconut. Then we went to grocery store and bought the remaining ingredients needed to make buko salad.

Here are the ingredients we bought: 1 liter of today’s fruit cocktail, alaska condensed 350 ml, all purpose nestle cream 200 grams, eden cheese 180 grams. My hubby and I started to prepare the buko salad by scraping the buko meat from the husk using buko shedder utensils.

Then, simply mixed all the ingredients including buko meat in a mixing bowl. Be sure to mix well. Then chill in the refrigerator for several hours. After that my buko salad was ready to serve cold as a dessert.