15 days to go before Christmas many of us are very busy for this coming Christmas. Today I start to make a mazapan candy. Some of my neighbors give me their orders this kind of candy for only P10.00 per pack or around $.25 cents for this coming Christmas. I start to cut the transparent wrapper paper on the same sizes. I know that it seems like one of the most common candies for every culture, for me it is easy to do it. Mazapan is a typical candy for all occasions, and it is great for dessert and snack. They have different kinds flavor of mazapan candy; peanut, pili, langka, mango. I choose peanut for my simple recipe. In Quezon Province mazapan candy is sweetened, tasty and it was smooth and cool on the tongue. This candy is also available in many sari sari stores. Here is my simple recipe to make a candy mazapan.

3 cups ground fried peanuts
1 big condensed milk
¼ cups butter

1. Ground fried peanuts may give out oil, drain this oil first.
2. Combine the condensed milk, peanuts and butter.
3. Place the above mixture in a wok. Cook until the mixture thickens.
4. Drop spoonful of the mixture on a greased baking sheet.
5. Then get ready to wrap the mazapan candy.

Maya hotcake mix

I had the box of Maya hotcake mix since October and thankfully, I finally had a time to do the work with Hotcakes. Because yesterday my sister (mother of Vince) coming to my house and visited to his son Vince. I think it is good for breakfast, and then I prepare it, but I have a doubt how to cook perfect; I will follow the instruction of this Maya hotcake mix at the back of this box. Then the instructions are easy to follow.

Maya hotcake mix is also available in almost grocery store.


Suman is a native Filipino food in Quezon, Province. Suman is a rice cake originating from the Philippines. It is made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, and often steamed in banana leaves or buri/buli leaves. They have two different types of suman here in Quezon; sumang malagkit ( rice cake/sticky rice) and sumang balinghoy (cassava). It comes in as many different forms as there are provinces, but the basic recipe is waxy (sweet) rice wrapped in leaves, then cooked. In Tayabas, Quezon (my Province) Suman is the ritual gift of hagisan. It is cooked with great enthusiasm by Tayabenses because Hagisan is an opportunity to share their prosperity. Bundles of suman are gaily tied in the pabitin, which is made out of a special kind of bamboo called bagakay.

Anyway about suman, everyday I wake up early in the morning because of the suman vendor. This vendor name Michael, he was very early in the morning to sale their suman product made of rice cake (sumang malagkit) here in our Village. This suman cost P3.50 per piece. This is my breakfast food together with hot coffee. I really miss to eat suman, because I remember my grandmother, she made fantastic sticky rice.

sumang malagkit (sticky rice)
sumang balinghoy (cassava)



Lunch @ Buddy’s Restaurant

Buddy’s Restaurant is all Filipino Foods. The main branch of this Restaurant is located province of Lucban, Quezon. This place is very popular in Quezon Province for this yearly Pahiyas Fiesta Festival. They have a branch in Makati and more branches somewhere in Quezon Province. They have a two branch in Lucena this is located at SM Lucena and the Quezon Avenue. Anyway about the Buddy’ Restaurant Pancit Lucban (Quezon Finest Product) and Pizza is a famous food in this Restaurant. Buddy’s known to many offers the best taste of Pancit Lucban with it’s good and thick and savory sauce that makes its so delicious, full of it’s ingredient that makes good taste to others.

Anyway, my friend Michelle (officemate) inviting me to lunch in Buddy’s Restaurant, located at Quezon Avenue, Lucena City. We also ordered Lechong Kawali, Sisig , coke and leche plan for our dessert that also good in taste and one of my favorite menu here in Buddy’s Restaurant.

The kiping decoration is a brightly colored, leaf-shaped wafer made of rice paste (exclusive and originally for buddy’s only). It is considered an integral part of the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon. And they have a chair with sunflower design; it looks beautiful and very attractive to the customers.

This is me in the photo 🙂 , they have the artificial tree decoration with beautiful light at the center of this restaurant. It looks very nice and attractive to the customers.

Nilagang Baboy

I don’t know how to cook the food, but yesterday i try to cook nilagang baboy for our dinner. I decided to search in Youtube, and then I follow the instructions and all the ingredients needed in this menu. Honestly this is the first time to try to cook by helping of youtube video. I don ‘t know what is the result of my menu, whether it is yummy or not. I know i follow the right instructions, after a minute my hubby tried to taste my nilagang baboy and his reaction is glad just because i got it the right taste of my menu. Anyway, starting today i will cook, because the youtube is here to guide me and to teach me :-). Thank you youtube!