15 days to go before Christmas many of us are very busy for this coming Christmas. Today I start to make a mazapan candy. Some of my neighbors give me their orders this kind of candy for only P10.00 per pack or around $.25 cents for this coming Christmas. I start to cut the transparent wrapper paper on the same sizes. I know that it seems like one of the most common candies for every culture, for me it is easy to do it. Mazapan is a typical candy for all occasions, and it is great for dessert and snack. They have different kinds flavor of mazapan candy; peanut, pili, langka, mango. I choose peanut for my simple recipe. In Quezon Province mazapan candy is sweetened, tasty and it was smooth and cool on the tongue. This candy is also available in many sari sari stores. Here is my simple recipe to make a candy mazapan.

3 cups ground fried peanuts
1 big condensed milk
ΒΌ cups butter

1. Ground fried peanuts may give out oil, drain this oil first.
2. Combine the condensed milk, peanuts and butter.
3. Place the above mixture in a wok. Cook until the mixture thickens.
4. Drop spoonful of the mixture on a greased baking sheet.
5. Then get ready to wrap the mazapan candy.