Today is summer season and the favorite way to beat the people this summer heat, is one big serving of Halo- halo . Halo-halo is known as a Filipino dessert or snack and it is quite easy to prepare as most of its ingredients are readily available. It is usually a mixture of sweet preserved like beans, macapuno or coconut milk, jackfruit pinipig, sweet yam ube, leche flan, shreds of sweetened plantain or saba, filled with crushed ice, evaporated milk and topped with ice cream It is a traditional Filipino summer treat in the Philippines.

If you will go somewhere you’ll find a Halo-Halo, because halo-halo is very popular during summer time. You will see Halo-Halo in the street/in store, in the restaurant but they have different ingredients as you can see the regular and special Halo-Halo or you can make it easy to do it your own Halo-Halo. Today I eat two times halo-halo, I buy to my neighbor it cost P15.00 or less than $.5. They have a simple recipe but having a strong smell and the sweetened is exactly to the taste. They have a simple mixture of preserved, like beans, sweet banana, pinipig, gelatin, mongo, ube and of course the evaporated milk. My hubby and I are the number one regular customer in my neighbor. He asks me it is a simple Halo-Halo, but it’s creamy and the sweetness is exactly to the taste.

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