Because today is summer, I just want to make buco salad ice candy. And this is perfect this summer vacation because Filipinos love cold snacks like Halo-halo or Banana con yelo for they are easy to make and are definitely delicious. Buko salad ice candy have that refreshing summer effect with its shredded melt in your mouth and the young coconut morsels scattered in that creamy frozen luscious sweet milky mix. When summer is hot there is no better way to beat it but by eating cold stufs. Kids and adults on the other hand enjoy ice-candy. Anyway here are the ingredients of buco salad ice candy.


1 300ml Alaska condensed milk

1 300ml Alaska evap.
1 250ml. Alaska all purpose cream
2 cup fresh buko strips
1 836 grams today’s fruit cocktail
1 cup buko juice

½ kl. white sugar

¼ cassava flour


1. Mix everything in a big bowl.

2. Taste the sweetness to determine if you want to add more or less sugar.

3. Pour them with the help of your funnel on your ice-candy bags.

4. Freeze them for at least 24 hours.



Caimito Fruit

Are you familiar with the caimito fruit? In our hometown, caimito is called star apple, it is round shape. When it is ripe, it has smooth bright violet or green skin and will have one to four ovate seeds inside.And the inside of the fruit is translucent and white. It has a creamy and jelly-like texture and its taste is similar to the sapodilla — a sweet caramel custard. By the way they have a two different color of caimito when it is ripe they have a green and violet. But in our hometown we are very familiar in violet color.

Anyway the photo below is the caimito came from my father in our farm. He gave me four pieces but I also shot one piece only because the other I also eaten :-). By the way the health benefits of this fruit for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. A decoction of the bark is given for dysentery. It is also reported to be tonic and refreshing. The latex is used as a resolutive in abscesses and, dried, as a drastic anthelmintic, capable of expelling or destroying parasitic worms. The bitter seed is useful as a tonic (1 to 1.5 grains), for diarrhea (2.5 grains every 2 hours), and for intermittent fevers (3 to 8 grains every 2 hours).

 photo starapple_zps873da88e.jpg

Green tea from my neighbor

I really surprise today early in the morning because my neighbor gave me one box of green tea with mint flavor. I want to say thank you to my neighbor for her kind and thoughtful because she know that I have asthma and I took lipton tea before bed time. She told me to try the green tea coming from the package of her German husband. Anyway, her advice is green tea is best for asthma, just because she have also asthma and she proven it to herself and hope me too!

 photo tea_zpse4faaaf3.jpg


I am not a very busy person, but every minute, or every hour, I was thinking about the good business today. Just because I need another income, I also search the online what is the in demand business today. The franchise business is very in demand today like the buco madness. Based on my research I need to invest 25 thousand capitals for the complete package and I need to attend the basic training. I was really inspired when I was watching the food cart business on Jessica Soho program last month. And according to the buco madness marketing manager they have 150 franchisers in the Philippines.

For now, I have a plan to get one for my additional income. But I also think wisely on how to become success if ever that I get one franchise cart. Anyway, I like the buco madness aside from the many food carts franchising because for me it is related alternative medicine supplements and vitamins. And the coconut water or buco juice contains protein, has less sodium than commercial sports drinks and is high in potassium and electrolytes. And for my additional research it has effective in the treatment of kidney and urethral stones. Keeps the body cool, urinary antiseptic and eliminates poisons in case of mineral poisoning and promotes digestion.


Oregano leaf is herbal medicine it is the best for cough and cold. My nephew Vince having a cough and cold for almost 3 weeks then my neighbors asks me to try the oregano leaves for Vince. Then I pick 4 pieces of oregano leaves, I got the juice of this leaves then I gave to Vince, this is my daily routine in just 5 days I do it every afternoon after the dinner time. Anyway when I was a child and I remembered that my mother gave me this herbal medicine during the time when my asthma attack, when I have a cough and cold. Ever since I know how the used of oregano leaves. And I’ll be thankful to my neighbor because they have oregano to her garden. And finally Vince recover to her cough and cold and he comeback to her healthy body.

When I research about the oregano I know all the used of this leaves. I read that the oregano can be used as tea for indigestion, bloating, flatulence, urinary problems, bronchial problems, headaches, swollen glands, and to promote menstruation. It has also been used in the past to relieve fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, and jaundice. Unsweetened tea can be used as a gargle or mouthwash. For the external used the oregano leaves can be pounded into a paste. This paste can then be used for pain from rheumatism, swelling, itching, aching muscles, and sores. For tired joints and muscles, put a handful of Oregano leaves in a coffee filter, mesh bag, or cheesecloth bag and run steaming bath water over it. Lastly, an oil can be made with Oregano leaves to use for toothache pain. Put a few drops on the affected tooth for relief.

Now I know all the used and important of this Oregano Leaves.


I bought this sweet potato for the cost of 20 pesos per plastick bag or per kilo. The one neighbor harvests their goods in his farm and then he sells like vegetable, sweet potato and etc. I choose to buy sweet potato because I want to cook it for camote cue as our merienda. And I know sweet potato is a healthy food and rich for more vitamins. They are a good source of vitamin C and contain for Vitamin D. Aside from that Sweet potatoes contain iron and a good source of mag­nesium, which is the relaxation and anti-stress mineral. Anyway, my favorite menu of sweet potato is camote cue, even they have many used it, like minatamis na camote, ginataang camote and etc. But camote cue for me is the best for mirienda time. I did not take a photo of camote cue because I cook it later; I also know that this merienda is very familiar to us, mostly for the Filipino people.

 photo sweetpotato_zps3eb64da5.jpg


I don’t know how to cook the food, but yesterday I try to cook menudo for our dinner. I decided to search in youtube, and then I follow the instructions and all the ingredients needed in this menu. Honestly this is the 2nd time to try to cook by helping of youtube video, the first time is maja blanca. Because this is my favorite I need to know how to cook and to make it perfect. Anyway back to menudo dinner, I don‘t know what is the result of my menu, whether it is yummy or not. I know I follow the right instructions, after a minute my hubby tried to taste my menudo and his reaction is glad just because I got it the right taste of my menu. Anyway, starting today I enjoy cooking even it is not my hobby, but because the youtube is here to guide me and to teach me. Thank you youtube!


Peanut are very popular in some places and it is a common to everyone. Peanuts are known by many other local names such as earthnuts, ground nuts, many more. It is antioxidants food, may reduce the risk of cancer, goober peas, monkey nuts, pygmy nuts and pig nuts. Despite its name and appearance, the peanut is not a nut, but rather a legume. Peanuts can be used as boiled peanut, fried peanut, peanut butter or sandwich, ingredients for the menu and diabetes and coronary heart diseases.

Boiled peanuts have great nutritional value within a 2,000-calorie diet, states Self Magazine Nutrition Data. A 1-cup serving of boiled peanuts contains 22 percent of your daily fiber requirements, as well as 17 percent of the body’s daily protein needs, 13 percent of the vitamin E requirements, and 12 percent of the recommended daily allowance for folate. Moreover, 90 percent of the total fat content stems from heart-healthy poly- and mono-unsaturated fats.

 photo peanut_zps677aef8c.jpg

This is the boiled peanut that I cooked; I just put water, salt, seasoning peanuts in a copper or boiler. And then cover and reduce the heat just enough to maintain a low boil. I boil the peanuts for 1 to 2 hours until reach the desired level of softness. Then it ‘s ready to eat :-).



lipton tea

Lipton tea is one of the most commonly known teas, it offers many varieties produced from a blend of leaves from many plantations around the world, so not only is the taste said to be satisfying, it offers numerous health benefits.

Actually, I drank one cup to lipton tea before bedtime, I also add a little bit of sugar and 1 pc of calamansi. Yes I drank this because I know that this tea have many health benefits, such as; it helps me to become relax, good oral health and overall hydration that helps keep my skin healthy. In addition to my research lipton tea helps to promotes good heart health; and supports the immune system by aiding the prevention of infection. Aside from that the other health benefits of lipton tea is antioxidants.


Are you familiar with Sumang Balinghoy or Cassava? Cassava is called kamonteng kahoy in our hometown. The cassava can be cooked in various ways like sumang balinghoy, cassava cake, minatamis na kamoteng kahoy or dessert, nilupak, chips cassava, flour, etc. Cassava is the one have largest carbohydrates in the world. By the way Cassava is very rich in starch and contains significant amounts of calcium, dietary fibre, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin b6 and vitamin C. Anyway, aside from the cassava root, the cassava leaves is used for our menu like ginataang dahon ng balinghoy.

Anyway, every merienda time I will buy to my neighbors store because she is a vendor of all kakanin but sometimes I will cook our merienda or snack if I am in good mood condition hehe. That time she sells her Sumang Balinghoy, and then I will try to buy for our merienda time. So I bought two pair of suman for the cost of 8pesos only for one pair. I don’t know if the Sumang Balinghoy would like to eat Vince because he never tastes it but I will try to nourish him. Good thing because he likes the taste of Sumang Balinghoy, he really enjoy and feel to eat. So I took a photo while Vince eaten the Suman.

2 pair of suman

vince eating suman