Caimito Fruit

Are you familiar with the caimito fruit? In our hometown, caimito is called star apple, it is round shape. When it is ripe, it has smooth bright violet or green skin and will have one to four ovate seeds inside.And the inside of the fruit is translucent and white. It has a creamy and jelly-like texture and its taste is similar to the sapodilla — a sweet caramel custard. By the way they have a two different color of caimito when it is ripe they have a green and violet. But in our hometown we are very familiar in violet color.

Anyway the photo below is the caimito came from my father in our farm. He gave me four pieces but I also shot one piece only because the other I also eaten :-). By the way the health benefits of this fruit for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. A decoction of the bark is given for dysentery. It is also reported to be tonic and refreshing. The latex is used as a resolutive in abscesses and, dried, as a drastic anthelmintic, capable of expelling or destroying parasitic worms. The bitter seed is useful as a tonic (1 to 1.5 grains), for diarrhea (2.5 grains every 2 hours), and for intermittent fevers (3 to 8 grains every 2 hours).

 photo starapple_zps873da88e.jpg