I received the sophie bag yesterday from my sister. I was really happy because I have a plan to buy a new bag to replace my old bag then my sister just gave me the sophie bag. Thank you for the Christmas present. The bag is quality and very fashionable. This is the first time to have a sophie bag and I feel very comfortable. Actually, I cannot advertise the brand but I want to express my feelings because this is the first time to receive the present from my sister :-). The bag looks simple and good-looking, it have a small pocket inside. Anyway, because I am excited to my new bag, I already used it today; I transfer all my things in my new bag. Sorry I cannot post the photo because my camera is law bat maybe I try to capture tomorrow.


Almost one month before Christmas I know people are making their lists of things to buy a gift they could give to their friends, relatives or special someone. I ‘m sure some of you are thinking how many times what the best Christmas gift ideas to buy. I remember last year my friends gave me a Christmas gift box accessories, it looks like a puzzle box. I’m glad because I will put all my accessories in the box. And for me it is the best gift ideas this coming Christmas, because they have many different designs and style what you want to choose and besides the price is good and it’s not just for Christmas only but also in other occasions.


Pedicure and manicure is very easy to apply the nails. Actually I am doing this to myself. I already apply pedicure and manicure. I have a simple procedure that can be easily performed at home to make your feet and hands always healthy and attractive. .

My simple procedure:

  1. Remove the old nail polish by using cotton with nail polish remover or acetone.
  2. If you want to cut or shape your nails use your nail cutter and emery board.
  3. Wrap the cotton wool around the stick and push the cuticle back gently. If it tends to adhere, apply some hand cream and then push it back.
  4. Then apply hand cream if you like to massage.
  5. This is the last step in home manicure and pedicures process. Apply nail polish; choose the color you like to apply on your nails, using smooth strokes, from the base to the tip of the nails.

Anyway, that time I feel lazy and not mood to clean my nails because of my asthma attack. The work of my neighbor is to clean the nails for manicure and pedicures, she always here if you need her. The total amount of her manicure and pedicures is P 80.00. To be honest this is the 3rd times to put up other people to beautifying my nails first is during our wedding day, the second is in the office during our Christmas Party, and the photo below is the 3rd time.

pedicure and manicure

How to achieve beautiful and shiny hair?

I believe one of the greatest assets that a person can possess is the hair. The hair could help greatly in boosting your physical appearance. But having a nice hair could not attain easily of course we need to use different products or maybe a good hair brush is important. I think the quality of hair brush helps the hair to become more beautiful and shiny.

When I was young I used to hear this phrase “if you brush your hair 100 times a day, your hair will get longer and beautiful.” Is it true? Well, I think it depends on the hair brush you used. My sister has a long hair and she loves to brush her hair every time. But despite of brushing it regularly still she is not satisfied with the result. I think the problem is the hair brush she is currently using. Looks like I have an idea what to give to her this Christmas, why not give her hair brushes from mason pearson isn’t it a good choice?


The photo below is the beads bracelet that I made and I want to share it with you. My last week post is about the profit of beads bracelet. Because I like the beads, I made it sideline income. I am also happy with the results because it’s easy to sell especially to the teenagers. I was made a variety of design even I sleep deeply at night to make beads bracelet. Because I just really enjoy making a different design of beads bracelet, I do not realize the time. At the first time to make a bracelet, I feel a little hard to form a different design. But now it’s easy to be learned because of the everyday makes different design and have many ideas to formed.

Anyway, the photo below is the example of my finish product. I tried to upload in my facebook account and tag to all my friends. I was really happy because they liked my work. Some of them were ordered and others I will sell at home. And I would also like to thank my sister because she helps me to sell in their company.



The display below is the footwear for sale. I took a shot because it looks good-looking and the footwear display is a new arrival from Liliw Laguna. Liliw Laguna is also known as tsinelas capital of Laguna for making durable footwear. Every month my SIL and I went to Liliw Laguna, to buy the different designs of footwear, and then we also sell in our simple abode. Just because some of our neighbors cannot afford cash basis, we will give their one month to pay. Our small sideline income is continue to operate, just because we’re loved the footwear.

Before we started the small business we think many times before we go. We will start a small capital. But the result is good, and then we will continue to sell the footwear. I think that the footwear display is perfect entry for co lor co lle ct io n.




I bought this transparent design and color lavander wedge shoes at Liliw Laguna. They have many footwear design and color in store but I choose wedge design. I bought this wedge shoes because it looks fashionable, versatile and sexy to my feet and for me it is easier to walk. I could find 5 inches for me as the size of my feet. I am glad because the size and the color are still available, because according to the saleslady the color are sold out.

Anyway, I am very much comfortable to wear than heeled shoes and wedge are probably so popular right now.


Thanks Firmoo Online Optical Store

Finally! I got my firmoo glass today for almost two months waiting. I understand because according to you the frame design I selected is not available or out of stock. Then you just replace other frame design of eyeglasses with bracelet accessories. Thank you for the frame design you choose to sent me. I also like the design and the color of the frame. Actually it is very classy, fashionable, perfectly fit to me and cools to my eyes. I can say that my eyes are well protected from the sun.

Anyway, thank you for the unexpected bracelet accessories, I really appreciate it. Thank you very much Firmoo Online Optical for these wonderful giveaway.


My red sandals is came from Liliw Laguna, I bought it last year, this is the one my favorite sandals becasue I feel so comfortable the cost around $7 dollars. I do not use all the time to keep away from a defect or break :-). Liliw, Laguna is also famous for its Tsinelas (Sandals). You can find a lot of fashionable shoes and sandals originally made in this town at affordable prices. All their sandals products are quality and durable.

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