Avocado Fruits

Avocado fruit is very healthy foods and have many health benefits that we obtain. This is the one of my favorite fruit; it contains the following health benefits to our body such as; it gives a healthy brain, healthy heart, it helps for the pregnant women as folic acid, healthy eye, maintains the blood pressure, maintains the blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, digestion, anti-aging and can help protect against prostate and breast cancers. Aside from that avocado is rich for vitamin e.

 photo avocado1_zpse7ea1552.jpg

Actually I bought 1 kilo of avocado for the cost of 50 pesos. I prepared avocado for our afternoon snack, it’s very simple to prepared i also put condensed milk for more tasteful.

 photo avocado2_zpseb0a104f.jpg
 photo avocado2_zps15a439d4.jpgLet’s eat yum yum yum :-)!