When I was in grade school I love to read komiks and pocketbooks. Because that time komiks and pocketbooks are very in demand in our place. So I am very familiar the two books, even they have a magazines or any books, but I like to read the komiks and pocketbooks only. But when I was in high school life I had a friend who really loves to read different kinds of English books like romance, classic and etc. Then I was tried to borrow one of her books, and I was tried to read because I know that it develops my reading skills and my vocabulary.

Anyway, the life our have today is very different from the life before because today they have a high technology, online communication, online shopping and most of all they have a best free audible books. I am glad because they have free audible books to help for continuing reading and develop my skills. And this is very important because it helps to all the people who loved to read the different kinds of books.