Tahong Shells

Tahong shell or saltwater mussel is one of my favorite food. Hubby cooked tahong as our lunch. The soup of this tahong is the best served when hot. There are a lot of health benefits that you can get the tahong such as high inn protein, selenium, iodine, and heart health omega 3 fatty acids. And for the muscles are relatively low in fat and calories.

Anyway, tahong or saltwater mussel is very affordable it cost 20 pesos per kilo. Then you can make a tahong soup. Aside from that cooking tahong or saltwater mussel is very easy to do it.


1 kilo tahong or saltwater mussel
½ clove of garlic
1 thumb sized of ginger, minced
5-6 cups of water
Salt and pepper
Cooking oil
Hot pepper leaves
Mustasa vegetables – optional


1. Using the heavy bottomed pot put the cooking oil, sauté the garlic, onion and ginger until cooked.
2. Add the water and then once boiling, you can put the tahong.
3. Add salt and pepper then add the hot pepper leaves until the tahong is open. And then add the mustasa vegetable.
4. Simmer for another 2 – 3 minutes then turn off the heat.
5. Then it’s ready to serve.

 photo tahong_zps59579703.jpg