Patola Vegetable

I woke up early in the morning and I saw the vegetable vendor in our place. They have much peddling vegetables like sitaw, okra, kalabasa/squash, eggplant and luffa or patola in tagalog. The vegetables are fresh and fatty. And I bought 1 piece of luffa or patola for the cost of 12 pesos only. My favorite menu for patola is ginisa with misua.

Patola is vegetable with plenty of health benefits like unripe fruit is a good source of calcium, iron and phosphorus. It was considered a fair of vitamin B. Aside from the vegetable patola is used as sponge if it is dried. Some manufacturers used patola as the main material in making sponge of bath scrub. The rough texture of dried patola fruit when wiped with bath soap is enough to scrub the body’s dirt and clods.

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