Every month of May have many places celebrates the festival. A small town of Tayabas, Quezon they celebrate the number one tradition in Mayohan sa Tayabas or it is famous hagisan ng suman every 15th of May at 3:00 in the afternoon. The hagisan ng suman and other pabitin as their sweet celebrating as yearly panata or sacrificial devotion to San Isidro, Labrador, was a Spanish day laborer known for his goodness toward the poor and animals. He is the Catholic patron saint of farmers and of Madrid and of La Ceiba, Honduras.

Anyway about the hagisan ng suman parade is one opportunity to share the prosperity of people. They have bundles of suman pabitin or display in front of house. As the image of San Isidro Labrador passes by pabitin should implied of its colorful display of abundance, which further suman, includes banana, buko, pineapple and other summer fruits. Hagisan ng suman is full of joy for both the giver and the receiver.

This picture below when my family make a suman or sticky rice.